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Zorro (2024) Cast & Character Guide


by Xtreme HD IPTV

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for Zorro episode 1.




  • The new Zorro series on Prime Video incorporates the Native American aspect of Zorro’s mythos, making Diego an outsider as the masked hero.
  • Miguel Bernardeau plays Diego de la Vega, who investigates the death of his father and becomes the new Zorro, tasked with proving his worthiness.
  • Renata Notni portrays Lolita Márquez, Diego’s childhood friend and love interest who doubts his ability to make up for past mistakes. She is also a skilled fighter.

Prime Video’s Zorro (2024) cast brings the latest iteration of the iconic vigilante and his supporting characters to life in a new series. Zorro was created by Johnston McCulley in 1919 and has since become one of the most recognizable and influential fictional characters of all time, having appeared in dozens of adaptations for film, television, animation, comics, and more. The newest Zorro series, a Spanish production, sees The Fox back on television for a retelling of his origin story.

One of the biggest differences between the Amazon Prime Video show and other adaptations of the character is how the former incorporates the Native American aspect of Zorro’s mythos. In the show, Diego is seen as an outsider when it comes to being Zorro, as the masked hero was crafted to be a champion for a Native American tribe in California in the 19th century. The new Zorro show includes some of the classic Zorro supporting characters and story beats such as the governor and Monasterio but also adds a different spin to the character’s legacy.


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Miguel Bernardeau as Diego de la Vega

Actor: Miguel Bernardeau, 26, is a Spanish actor born December 12, 1996 in Valency, Spain. After appearing in one episode of 2016’s Cuéntame cómo pasó television series, Bernardeau had his breakout role in the 2017 It’s for Your Own Good movie. That same year, he would appear in seven episodes of Inhibidos. A year later, Bernardeau joined the cast of Netflix’s Elite as Guzmán Nunier Osuna, appearing in 32 episodes from 2018 to 2021. He has had roles in productions from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, and HBO Max over the years and recently played Angel in 1899.

Notable Movies & TV Shows: Inhibidos, It’s For Your Own Good, Sabuesos, Crime Wave, Elite, Élite: historias breves, Todo lo outro, 1899, La última, Josephine.

Character: Don Diego de la Vega was training in Spain when he was informed that his father had been murdered in California. Zorro episode 1 sees Diego returning home to investigate the death of his father, only to learn that there is a major conspiracy taking place involving the governor and some of California’s richest families. After meeting Cuervo Nocturno, Diego is chosen to become the new Zorro, the first outside the tribe to be given such an honor. He now has to prove to others, and himself, that he is worthy of being the next masked hero.

Renata Notni as Lolita Márquez

Actor: Renata Notni, 29, is a Mexican actress born on January 2, 1995, in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Notni has been in telenovelas and other TV shows since she was 10 years old, with 2006’s Código Postal marking her first television appearance. Her first leading role was in 2015’s Paloma Madrigal, where she played Paloma Madrigal. The Spanish production Yo quisiera was her first acting role outside of Mexico.

Notable Movies & TV Shows: Amor de barrio, Yo quisiera, Sueño de amor, Mi adorable maldición, Érase una vez, El Dragón: Return of a Warrior, La venganza de las Juanas.

Character: Lolita Márquez is the daughter of Lucia and Tadeo Márquez, who were friends with Diego de la Vega’s family. As a result, Lolita and Diego grew up as best friends and eventually became a couple. However, after Diego went to study and train abroad and barely kept in touch with Lolita, their relationship fell apart. Zorro establishes that Diego still has feelings for Lolita, but she is in another relationship and does not believe he can make up for his previous mistakes. Lolita is also a skillful fighter and has an excellent aim.


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Zorro Supporting Cast & Character Guide

Nah-Lin and Diego both as Zorro in Zorro (2024)

Rodolfo Sancho as Governor Pedro Victoria: The governor runs things with an iron fist and is constantly trying to assimilate lands inhabited by Native American tribes. He boasts about creating business opportunities in the region and is apparently part of a plot that may be involved in the death of Zorro’s father. The governor also had the previous Zorro killed by ambushing inside of the church. Sancho is most known for his roles in Isabel and The Ministry of Time.

Dalia Xiuhcoatl as Nah-Lin: Nah-Lin is a member of Cuervo Nocturno’s tribe and the sister of the previous Zorro. As a highly trained member of the tribe and sister of their previous champion, Nah-Lin believes she is the one who deserves to become the next Zorro, not Diego. This creates a strong rivalry between the two characters, with Nah-Lin going as far as becoming her version of The Fox. Before Zorro, Xiuhcoatl was in The Five Juanas.

Paco Tous as Bernardo: Bernardo has worked for the la Vegas for years and is the only family Diego has left in the world. A classic superhero sidekick, Bernardo helps Diego every step of the way during the Zorro mission, from putting together a new costume to coming up with excuses that help keep The Fox’s identity a secret. Bernando also has lots of connections within California, far more than Diego himself. He is played by Paco Tous, known for his roles in Los Hombres de Paco and Netflix’s Money Heist.

Emiliano Zurita as Enrique Sánchez de Monasterio: Monasterio serves as one of the main Zorro antagonists, opposing both the vigilante and Diego de la Vega. On the professional side of things, Monasterio’s position in the military makes him responsible for tracking down and killing Zorro at whatever cost, answering directly to the governor. On the personal side of things, Monasterio is in a relationship with Lolita, and her family wants a wedding to happen. Emiliano Zurita is known for How to Survive Being Single and Dance of the 41.

Elia Galera as Lucia Márquez: Lucia Márquez is a long-time friend of Diego’s family and seems genuinely worried about his future, as well as the future of her daughter. Lucia is aware that her husband is having an affair and could not care less about it, although she is worried this could cost her family money. She is played by Elia Galera, known for her roles in Hospital Central and Backseat Fighter.

Andrés Almeida as Tadeo Márquez: Tadeo Márquez is one of the wealthiest men in California and is conspiring alongside the governor and the other families to create more business opportunities for them. Despite the fact Tadeo is a friend of the family, Diego does not rule out the possibility of him being involved in the death of his father. Andrés Almeida is most known for Lost Paradise and Time Share.

Cristo Fernández as the previous Zorro: Despite dying in the opening minutes of the Zorro, California’s previous Zorro has a significant role in the series through flashbacks. His legacy sets the narrative for the rest of the show, particularly through the dispute between Diego and Nah-lin for the position of Zorro. Cristo Fernández is most known for his role as Dani Rojas in the cast of Ted Lasso.

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Zorro (2024)

Release Date
January 19, 2024

Miguel Bernardeau , Renata Notni , Dalia Xiuhcoatl , Paco Tous , Peter Vives , Elia Galera , Andrés Almeida , Emiliano Zurita

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