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Zack Snyder’s Lost Justice League 2 Comes To Life In Gritty DC Fan Trailer


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  • A fan trailer for Justice League 2 brings Zack Snyder’s canceled DC movie to life, featuring Darkseid and a twisted Superman.
  • Snyder’s original plans included a Justice League trilogy and the use of Flashpoint to reboot the DCEU.
  • Despite fan campaigns, the chance of Snyder’s Justice League 2 being made is slim.



A gritty Justice League 2 fan trailer brings Zack Snyder’s canceled DC movie to life. After Snyder got replaced by Joss Whedon on 2017’s Justice League, the director would get to share his original vision with fans of his Snyderverse in 2021’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League. With the conclusion of Snyder’s DC movies, the director’s plans for two Justice League sequels were left in the past.

Screen Culture has revived some of Snyder’s original ideas with a dark Justice League 2 fan trailer.

The Justice League 2 fan trailer envisions Snyder’s lost film as one of DC’s upcoming movies. Darkseid is the central antagonist of the film, with a twisted Superman also contributing to the trailer’s chilling tone. While the Justice League 2 fan trailer is exciting, and Snyderverse fans hold out hope for Snyder to come back for a new DC Elseworlds film, the chance of that happening is slim.


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What We Know About Zack Snyder’s Canceled Justice League 2 and DCEU Plans

Many Details Of Snyder’s Plans Have Been Revealed

Darkseid and Henry Cavill's Superman from Zack Snyder's Justice League

While the DCEU would grow to be a confusing cinematic universe, with important characters missing for years or never debuting and many behind-the-scenes issues, Snyder had a clear plan in mind. The director was looking to develop a Justice League trilogy. In 2023, it was revealed that Ezra Miller’s version of The Flash would have played a major role in Snyder’s DCEU plans.

According to DCEU storyboard artist Jay Oliva, an early version of The Flash was supposed to lay “the groundwork for Zoom as the big baddy of the DC Universe.” Miller was at one point planned to star in a trilogy of Flash movies, which would have ended with Flashpoint. Snyder wanted to use the major comic book event to end and reboot the DCEU, allowing new actors to come in as the most famous DC characters after ten years.

Snyder’s planned Justice League 2 and Justice League 3 would have led to Flashpoint. The director planned to conclude his major Darkseid epic with the universe getting to have several heroes as part of the Justice League, like in the animated Justice League Unlimited. Justice League 2 and the other Snyderverse movies would also be affected by Zoom behind the scenes, leading to the character being revealed as the Snyderverse’s ultimate villain. With a fan campaign for Snyder’s Justice League 2 to be made, perhaps Snyder’s DC plans can be realized some day, even if in another medium.

Source: Screen Culture

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