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‘Y’all Don’t Get How F—ing Annoying It Is’: Ice Cube’s Son Defends The Rocks Daughter After She Takes Flak Amidst Cody Rhodes WWE Drama


by Xtreme HD IPTV

It’s far from uncommon for WWE fans to be less than thrilled with any given decision that the organization makes regarding story or characters. But what’s going on right now is unusual in its ferocity. The expected Wrestlemania rematch between WWE Universal champ Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes has apparently been jettisoned for The Rock vs. Roman Reigns. The fans are far from happy, and now they’re bringing Dwayne Johnson’s family. Fans are coming for his daughter and, Ice Cube’s son defended her as a result.

#WeWantCody has been trending on social media, as fans make their displeasure in the new main event known, but not all fans are focusing their ire on the match participants or the WWE. Some have been inundating The Rock’s daughter, professional wrestler Ava, with their own opinions on the situation. Few would understand what Ava is going through, but O’Shea Jackson Jr., the son of Ice Cube, responded to a tweet on X from somebody Ava had blocked saying…

Y’all don’t get how Fuckin annoying it is to have 100s of people shit talk your father all day to you when you have nothing to do with it. And then when you swat the flies. The flies call you soft for not letting them annoy you freely as much as they want. Telling you not to be so sensitive about people talking shit about your family.

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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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