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Will It Happen? Everything We Know


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  • While Dave season 4 has not been confirmed, the co-creators have plans for more celebrity cameos and surprises.
  • The season 3 finale featured a major cameo from Brad Pitt, showing the show’s elite production value.
  • Dave season 4’s storyline may focus on the character’s growth and maturity, offering a more mature edge to the comedy series.



There has been some Dave season 4 news despite the show not yet receiving a renewal for a new season. Dave is a fictional re-telling of the rise to fame of rapper Lil Dicky, showing how Dave Burd went from being a neurotic man in his 20s to fighting to become one of the best rappers in history. Of course, it is also a comedy and finished its third season in May 2023 with a major surprise cameo from none other than Brad Pitt in one of his rare television roles.

While ratings were down in Dave season 3, which came two years after season 2 aired, co-creators Dave Burd and Jeff Schaffer have plans for Dave season 4 — as long as FXX gives it a renewal. If it happens, Dave season 4 can be expected to include more ridiculous comedy, huge celebrity cameos, and further surprises for fans. There still looks to be a lot of stories to tell for Lil Dicky, especially after the explosive Dave season 3 finale.

The Latest Dave Season 4 News

Season 3’s Finale Suggested A Good Future For The Series

Brad Pitt and Rachel McAdams in Dave.

There is no Dave season 4 news, but there is anticipation by viewers about what the new season could look like after the huge season 3 finale cameo. While Dave has featured celebrities like Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, no one has been bigger than the season 3 finale cameo of Brad Pitt. Pitt wasn’t just there for a small cameo, and he had a significant impact on the narrative. Burd said Pitt wanted to appear on the show because he was a fan (via USA Today).

“Everyone who works on the show should feel the pride of ‘Oh, we were able to get Brad Pitt. Not because ‘Dave’s cool and well connected’ ― because I had no connection to him at all ― but really because the product we make is that elite.”

Dave Burd said he wrote the entire finale with Brad Pitt being a part of the story without having met him and not having confirmation he would agree to appear on the show. Drake, who also appeared in the episode, told Burd that Dave was one of the “most important shows of our generation.” With Pitt and Drake as such big fans, it seems almost natural that FXX would want to continue the show with a fourth season, although no official announcement has been made yet.

Dave Season 4 Is Not Confirmed

FXX Has Not Renewed The Show Yet

Dave Burd giving a sad stare in Dave.

Dave season 4 has not been confirmed yet. There is a good chance that FXX will bring it back, but until they make it official, any info on the next season of Dave is speculative. As a result, there is no idea when the Dave season 4 release date could be, although it would likely be quicker than season 3.

Dave Season 4 Cast

Which Stars Will Return?

Dave Season 3 cast altogether and staring at something

There is no word on who could appear in Dave season 4, but there is no Dave without Dave Burd returning to portray the fictional version of himself. GaTa will also likely be back, as he not only plays a fictional version of himself, but has been crucial to the story thus far. Dave features a small roster of recurring characters who could all return, but the most exciting prospect for season 4 is the possibility of more huge celebrity cameos. Brad Pitt’s season 3 cameo opens the door for other A-listers to drop in on Lil Dicky.

A list of expected returning cast members includes:


Dave Role

Dave Burd

Dave “Lil Dicky”



Andrew Santino


Travis Bennett


Christine Ko


Taylor Misiak


Dave Season 4 Story Details

What Could Happen In Season 4?

Dave dancing with Rachel McAdams.

There is no word on a Dave season 4 story, but Dave Burd said he has plans for a new season and narrative direction for his fictionalized self in mind. In an interview (via The Wrap), Burd said, “I got ton ideas, just to show that I’m more mature and stuff like that and just growing up as a person as a man.” This suggests that Dave season 4 could see the character grow from his silly and neurotic self, into a more self-actualized person. This allows the usually comedic series to sober up a bit and find a more mature edge.

  • Dave Season 3 Poster


    Release Date:

    Dave Burd, GaTa, Andrew Santino, Taylor Misiak, Christine Ko, Travis Bennett, Gina Hecht, David Paymer, Benny Blanco, Chloe Bennet, Brad Pitt

    Comedy, Music


    Story By:
    Dave Burd, Jeff Schaffer

    Dave Burd, Jeff Schaffer, Alex Russell, Biniam Bizuneh, Niles Abston, Jeanie Bergen, Jordan Mendoza, Randall Valdez-Castillo


    Streaming Service(s):

    Tony Yacenda , Ben Sinclair , Kitao Sakurai, Andrew DeYoung , Greg Mottola, Shannon Murphy, Alma Har’el, Tayarisha Poe, Jake Schreier, Brian Lannin

    Jeff Schaffer

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