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Wicked is Defying Gravity with Super Bowl Trailer for Wizard of Oz Prequel


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  • Cynthia Erivo shares a BTS photo and announces filming has wrapped for her on the
    movie adaptation, expressing her gratitude for the experience.
  • Ariana Grande will play Glinda the Good Witch, who becomes best friends with Elphaba the Wicked Witch in the film.
  • Wicked
    is set to be released in two parts, with the first installment hitting theaters in November.

Are you ready to defy gravity? Wicked unveiled its first footage in a teasing look at the Broadway musical’s big screen adaptation, as can be seen above.

Wicked, will transport Elphaba and Glinda’s adventures from the stage to the screen in a two-part epic that recently wrapped filming. In a social media post from Elphaba actress Cynthia Erivo, it was announced that filming was done for the Tony Award winner on The Wizard of Oz prequel. Erivo posted a behind-the-scenes image of the Wicked Witch flying in the shadows of the set. Erivo wrote (via Instagram):

“I’ve been trying to think of what I’d say when this day finally came, and I’m failing miserably, because honestly there aren’t enough words to fully express what this experience has meant to me, so I’ll leave you with this. The universe will take things away to make space for the grand gifts it has waiting for us.

THIS moment, this film, these people, this cast, this crew, this director, my Glinda, were the Grandest gift I could ever have asked for, and I am eternally grateful for the chance to bring you This Elphie. I hope when you meet her, you’ll love her as much and as fiercely as I do. And with that I say, that’s a wrap for me, Elphie out!! 💚💚💚”

Check out Erivo’s BTS image and her Instagram post in its entirety below:

It’s Almost Time to Feel Wicked Again

Elphaba in in a poster for Wicked
Universal Pictures

Cynthia Erivo has officially wrapped filming as Elphaba in the big-screen adaptation of Wicked. Although the actress doesn’t specify, it seems the Tony Award winner (The Color Purple) has completed all of her scenes for both Wicked (2024) and Wicked: Part Two (2025).

Erivo has the honor of taking up Idina Menzel’s mantle in the Silver Screen adaptation of Wicked. Menzel portrayed Elphaba the Wicked Witch in the original Broadway play when it debuted back in 2003. And at the 2004 Tony Awards, Menzel won the Best Actress in a Musical honor for her mesmerizing portrayal as the green-skinned spell caster.



Winnie Holzman , Gregory Maguire

Universal Pictures

Ariana Grande will portray Elphaba’s Shiz University classmate, Glinda the Good Witch, who eventually becomes best friends with the Wicked Witch. Winnie Holzman (book), Stephen Schwartz (score) and Gregory Maguire (Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West) all three receive writing credits, while Jon M. Chu serves as director of the two-part cinematic experience.

is currently scheduled to drop in cinemas on November 27, while
Wicked: Part Two
will begin its theatrical run on November 26, 2025.

And for those who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Wicked, check out Glinda (Kristin Chenoweth) preparing to make over her new friend, Elphaba (Menzel), as the former sings Popular from the original Broadway production (below):

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