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Why Wolverine & Spider-Man Are Bumping Fists in That Iconic Meme


by Xtreme HD IPTV


  • The Wolverine/Spider-Man fist-bumping meme template highlights the contrast between two different subjects sharing a trait.
  • The image originated in Amazing Spider-Man #595 in 2010, where Wolverine and Spider-Man fist-bump to display their mutual dislike of former President George W. Bush.
  • This meme format becoming popular is unexpected and shows how political commentary in comic books can resonate with a wider audience.



Slightly altered or out of context comic book panels are a gold mine for memes, from Batman slapping Robin in the face to Moon Knight screaming “Random B******* Go!!!!” while throwing weapons at an unseen enemy, but one of the more popular ones has to be the image of Wolverine and Spider-Man fist-bumping. And now, it’s time to dive into the origin of that meme template and expose exactly why the two heroes are doing that in Marvel Comics canon.

The Wolverine/Spider-Man fist-bumping meme template is usually used when two different subjects share a trait. Wolverine dressed down in tattered-looking clothing next to Spider-Man in his full costume is a fairly clear visual indicator of contrast, with the fist bump representing the ‘one thing’ these two completely different people have in common. Fans have been using this template since memes first became popular online, including Gabriel Baez (Instagram handle: comic.book.warrior), who actually recreated it in cosplay.

So, with it firmly established when, why, and by whom this meme template is used, there are only a few questions that still need answering: where did it come from? And why (in canon) were Wolverine and Spider-Man actually fist-bumping?


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Wolverine & Spider-Man Fist Bump For A Pretty Bizarre Reason

Origin of the Wolverine & Spider-Man meme.

The image originated in 2010’s Amazing Spider-Man #595 by Joe Kelly and Phil Jimenez, an issue set during Marvel Comics’ Dark Reign event. In that storyline, Norman Osborn was quickly rising to power and prominence, and even had his own team of Avengers that he led as the Iron Patriot. No one believed this man to be a villain, except for a select few heroes who knew the truth, and worked to expose Osborn’s villainy – and Wolverine and Spider-Man were two of those heroes.

However, while they do work together in this issue to take Norman Osborn down, that’s actually not the reason Spider-Man and Wolverine fist-bump. While talking about Osborn’s rise to power, Wolverine comments on another man who became the most powerful person in the nation, and who held that power until very recently (in relation to the release date of this comic). Wolverine’s exact comment was, “Hell, took eight years t’get the last guy out of office… an’ he didn’t have his own suit of armor”, which was met with an immediate fist-bump from Spider-Man, indicating Peter’s full agreement. That’s right, Wolverine and Spider-Man fist-bumped as a display of their mutual dislike of former President George W. Bush.

George W. Bush Is The Reason This Wolverine/Spider-Man Meme Exists

George W. Bush with the Wolverine & Spider-Man meme behind him.

George W. Bush was President of the United States from 2001-2009, serving two full terms. At this point, it’s no secret that Bush’s presidency was met with dislike from voters across the nation, which seemingly became apparent with the election of Barack Obama, a democrat who served his own two terms in office, which was a stark change from the formerly republican-led executive branch, and only added to the sentiment of the United States’ fatigue with the Republican Party as a whole following Bush’s two terms. And now, it’s been brought to light that Wolverine and Spider-Man shared the same sentiment as a majority of the United States at that time, as they, too, were happy when George W. Bush was out of office.

The origins and evolution of this single panel is way more bizarre than anyone could have likely predicted. It’s not unheard of for comic books to add some political commentary touching on the current climate, but for a dig at George W. Bush to become a widely popular meme format is undeniably wild, and makes the story of why Wolverine and Spider-Man are bumping fists in that iconic meme so entertaining.

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