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Why The Faithful Will Win The Traitors US Season 2 (SPOILERS)


by Xtreme HD IPTV

This article contains potential spoilers for The Traitors US season 2.




  • The Faithful have been winning missions and securing shields, which gives them an advantage in the game.
  • The Traitors team is experiencing internal conflicts and cracks in their unity, which could jeopardize their chances of winning.
  • The Faithful are getting closer to figuring out who the Traitors are, and it’s likely that a Traitor will be caught soon.

The Traitors US season 2 may be dominated by Traitors during the first few episodes, it’s seems likely from some spoilers revealed that the Faithful will end up being the winners of the game. Though there are still several episodes left in The Traitors US season 2’s run, it appears from trailer footage and some watchful eyes that the majority of players who make it to the end of the game are Faithful. Despite having the initial three Traitors still in the game, the Faithful are beginning to close in on those they believe could genuinely be the Traitors, which could spell trouble for the group.

Though Big Brother’s Dan Gheesling, Survivor’s Parvati Shallow, and Married To Medicine’s Phaedra Parks are working diligently to take out the Faithful and keep their identities a secret, the group is seeing some cracks in the most recent episode. While the Traitors team is doing their best to work against the Faithful, the group has gotten stronger and seems to be working together more diligently in recent episodes. With the Faithful doing well in missions and beginning to anticipate the moves of the Traitors, it’s possible that they could emerge from the game victorious, leaving the Traitors in the dust.


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The Faithful Are Good At Securing Shields

Winning Missions Will Keep Them In The Game

Embargo until 112 at 9 p.m. EST - The Traitors US Janelle & Ekin-Su's Shield Drama - Who Really Got It First & Who Is Lying

While the Traitors have been good at strategizing in their turret and deciding who they should murder in the game, the Faithful have been getting better at missions, which means they’ve been able to secure shields to protect themselves. Though there have been a few times in the game that the Traitors have taken the shields for themselves in order to throw the Faithful off their scent, it’s been more often than not that Faithful have won shields in the game. Within the first three missions, Faithful like Janelle Pierzina and Peter Weber have won shields to protect themselves in the game.

Though the Faithful have been doing better in the missions than the Traitors in part, Dan has been doing his best to utilize the shields whenever possible. During The Traitors US season 2 episode 2, Dan was able to win himself a shield and work that angle to make it seem like he was able to keep himself safe. In reality, Dan having the shield meant one less Faithful was off the table for that night’s murder, but tactical wins like that are difficult to come by for the Traitors so far.

The Traitors Are Collapsing In On Themselves

The Drama Could Expose Them To The Group

The Traitors US's Dan, Phaedra, Parvati

Though they’ve been working together as diligently as possible, the Traitors have been showing cracks in the foundation of the group, which could spell issues for the team. After Dan was accused at one of the early round tables and ultimately protected from the Faithful’s vote when Deontay Wilder, who left the series shortly thereafter, called out fellow Faithful Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Deontay decidedly told the rest of the table that he didn’t feel Dan was a Traitor, and was ultimately so convincing that many chose to change their votes at the last minute to take out Maksim. While the vote didn’t get to Dan, his fellow Traitors weren’t happy with the heat.

As Dan, Phaedra, and Parvati have moved through the game and tired to keep their roles under wraps, they’ve encountered issues in having to toss each other’s names out to the Faithful. In the most recent round table, Phaedra was upset with the way Parvati spoke about the Real Housewives franchise, explaining during the group’s meeting that she was angry about her fellow Traitor bringing her name up. While Parvati wasn’t actually bringing Phaedra up directly, the fight felt like a tough blow for the pair and made it clear that their Traitor team isn’t as strong as they once believed. It’s possible that they’ll turn on each other soon.

Future Missions Appear To Feature Several Long-Term Faithfuls

CT, Sandra, And Trishelle Appear To Go Far

While there aren’t many reliable spoilers out there about The Traitors US season 2, the original trailer for the series is incredibly telling regarding who’s left in the competition by the endgame. According to u/KelleysIdols on Reddit, there are several moments in the trailer for the season that show players like Chris “C.T.” Tamburello, Sandra Diaz-Twine, and Trishelle Cannatella in what appear to be the final missions of the season. C.T. is seen in multiple physical missions involving water and a ship, which typically come later on for The Traitors US. Trishelle and Sandra are both seen in the same missions, and in clips that appear to be later on.

While the future missions don’t share which Traitors are left, who they are, or anything about them, it seems likely that the group will begin to splinter in the next few episodes. For the Faithful in the game, banishing a Traitor will be key to their future in the competition. Though there are likely still Traitors in the game at the end, it’s possible that the group who moves through the game and utilizes the shields to keep themselves safe will be the Faithful, rather than the Traitors. After a win for a Traitor on The Traitors US season 1, it would be a refreshing change for the series.

The Traitors Are Finally Being Sniffed Out

It’s Likely A Traitor Will Be Caught Soon

Though the Faithful currently have a terrible track record in terms of catching Traitors, it seems likely that the tide will shift for them soon enough. After going down rabbit holes of incorrect information and working to find leads that bring them to dead ends, the Faithful seem to be sick of banishing their own and waking up to find their friends murdered. While the Traitors are having a great time working to eliminate Faithfuls, the group is getting tired of having to fight for their lives at the round tables and leave disappointed.

While it isn’t clear who will make it to the endgame of The Traitors US season 2 just yet, it seems more likely than not that the Faithful will begin to have better luck in the game. Once they start to catch Traitors, it seems like it may be easy for them to continue to do so. With the Traitors beginning to crack, it may be easier than ever for the Faithful of The Traitors US season 2 to realize who’s been coming after them all along and make the first move.

Source: u/KelleysIdols/Reddit

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