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‘Why Not Lean In’: Emily Ratajkowski Commented About ‘Bimbo Allegations’ And Why She Chose A Cleavage-Baring Black Dress In New Post


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by Xtreme HD IPTV

Few Hollywood starlets have amassed as much notoriety as Emily Ratajkowski has. The 32-year-old model and media personality has truly emerged as a notable public figure over the past several years and currently has a strong following. Of course, with that, comes copious amounts of attention. Many also have preconceived notions about Ratajkowski, and she’s fully aware of what people think. On that note, she addressed the “bimbo allegations” against her and explained why she used a black (and cleavage-revealing) dress to do it. 

Emily Ratajkowski, who had to clarify the pronunciation of her name, is far from the first female celebrity to ever be accused of being a bimbo. And, if we’re being realistic, she probably won’t be the last. However, one could argue that she might be the first to actually “lean in” to the persona. She did so by posting a photo of herself in that sleek ensemble mentioned above. So what’s her reason for doing that? Well, as she puts it, she just “decided that she’s never beating” those assumptions. You can check out her caption and slideshow (which features a picture of her dog) down below: 

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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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