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Who’s Actually Stronger, Goku or Vegeta?

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  • Vegeta may be physically stronger than Goku at times, but Goku’s determination and spiritual drive always help him surpass Vegeta in the end.
  • While Vegeta focuses on trying to match Goku’s power, Goku’s unlimited ambition allows him to reach even greater heights.
  • According to Japanese professor Nobuyuki Ota, Goku’s egoless humility and constant desire for self-improvement enable him to always surpass Vegeta.

For anime enthusiasts everywhere, the debate of whether Goku is stronger than Vegeta in the Dragon Ball franchise continues to rage on. Throughout the popular anime series and its various spin-offs, Vegeta has proven to be a mightier warrior than Goku in several iconic instances, with certain characters verbally confirming as much out loud. Yet, Goku always surpasses and stays one step ahead of Vegeta, thanks to his indomitable spirit and ambitious drive to be the greatest fighter on record.

Yet, with contrary evidence found throughout the long-running anime franchise, many fans have been left wondering whether Goku or Vegeta reigns supreme in Dragon Ball. The controversial query has persisted long enough that the official Dragon Ball website has addressed the question directly, publishing a dissertation by a University Professor who has a unique take on the power discrepancy between the two famous Super Saiyan Warriors. Considering all aspects, it’s time to find out once and for all whether Goku or Vegeta is stronger in Dragon Ball.

A Chronology of Vegeta’s Physical Superiority

Goku and Vegeta fight in Dragon Ball
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In the Dragon Ball franchise, Vegeta has proven his physical superiority over Goku on several occasions. The first instance comes when the two characters meet for the first time in Dragon Ball Z‘s Attack of the Saiyan Arc. The two face off in a clash in which Vegeta overpowers Goku quite easily. Vegeta upgrades his strength in his Great Ape form, forcing Goku to die in the heat of battle or utilize his special Kaio-Ken Super Skill. Goku ultimately defeats Vegeta through persistence rather than pure strength.

During Dragon Ball Z‘s Cell Arc, Vegeta is stated to be stronger than Goku by the character Tien Shinhan, one of the mightiest Earthlings on record. The admission comes after the Android attack, prompting the Z-fighters to train for an all-out war. While Goku trains Piccolo and the powerful Gohan and has less time to dedicate to his own training, Vegeta ventures into space to train alone. When Vegeta returns to Earth, he is far more powerful than Goku, which is acknowledged by Tien Shinhan before the arc wraps up.

Goku and Vegeta punch each other in Dragon Ball
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In Dragon Ball Super‘s Universe 6 Saga, Goku continues to reign as a Super Saiyan God, a form required to defeat Beerus. However, in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta was able to damage Beerus even more than Goku by drawing blood from the God of Destruction. But the real reason why Vegeta gained more strength than Goku in Dragon Ball Super relates to his immersion training with Whis. Once Goku assumed God form, Vegeta began mastering God Ki under Whis by entering immersion training before Goku. By the time Goku pleads for God Ki training, Vegeta’s skills and strength are well beyond his own.


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In the 2022 film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Vegeta is shown defeating Goku in a brutal hand-to-hand fight following the Tournament of Power. Vegeta overpowers Goku using nothing but raw might and combat skills, proving that he does not require Super Saiyan powers or advanced Ki training to reign supreme. The film ends with Vegeta proudly declaring victory over Goku after he knocks his Super Saiyan counterpart to the ground.

Why Does Goku Always Surpass Vegeta in Dragon Ball?

Goku and Vegeta battle in Dragon Ball
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Despite the various instances in Dragon Ball that depict Vegeta’s physical superiority over Goku, the Super Saiyan protagonist always manages to outlast his rival. Goku’s superior strength has less to do with his physical prowess and more to do with his spiritual and psychological drive. For instance, Goku possesses Ultra Instinct, a technique that divides his consciousness from his body and enables him to fight enemies independent of his thoughts and emotions. The technique differs greatly from Vegeta’s Ultra Ego technique, which relies on brute strength and physical force to increase his power.

Apart from the metaphysical difference between Goku’s Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Ultra Ego skills, other psychological qualities account for Goku’s superior strength. For example, Vegeta has always viewed Goku as the standard to mold himself after in the long-running anime series. His entire training regiment has been formed expressly to match Goku’s super Saiyan power.

Meanwhile, Goku has no such role model or measuring stick and has the unlimited ambition to reach well beyond the realm of possibility. Vegeta is burdened by his quest to equal up to and ultimately surpass Goku’s power, while Goku is unburdened to dream as big and reach as far as he possibly can. This gives Goku the upper hand mentally and spiritually, even if Vegeta may possess more physical strength from time to time.

Goku and Vegeta face off in Dragon Ball
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In June 2022, the official Dragon Ball website hosted an essay written by Japanese professor Nobuyuki Ota from Chuba University. The essay addressed the difference between Goku and Vegeta’s comparative powers and personalities from a psychological standpoint. According to Ota, Vegeta remains too distracted with his desire to evolve into Goku’s Super Saiyan strength, whereas Goku’s universal vision unshackles him to reach unlimited potential. Moreover, Ota claims that Vegeta constantly views Goku as his main enemy and chief rival, which is a form of competitive weakness.


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Meanwhile, Goku never views anyone, including Vegeta, as a direct rival and isn’t beholden to competition, revenge, or jealousy. In Ota’s view, it’s the psychological outlook of Goku that always enables him to surpass Vegeta, even if Vegeta is technically a stronger character. Pride, ego, and high self-esteem work against Vegeta’s physical prowess in the long run, while Goku’s egoless humility and the quest to improve himself grants him a stronger metaphysical constitution. Stream Dragon Ball on Crunchyroll or Hulu.

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