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Who Is The Dead USSR Cosmonaut In Constellation?

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Warning! Contains major spoilers for Constellation’s episodes 1, 2, and 3.




  • Mystery surrounding dead USSR cosmonaut deepens in Constellation’s eps. 1-3; Jo struggles to convince authorities of what she saw.
  • Clues suggest USSR cosmonaut may be Irena’s sister or from a parallel reality due to Henry’s experiment’s effects on space and time.
  • Russia’s ROSCOSMOS may be hiding the truth about the ISS accident caused by Henry’s experiment; Henry and Irena are aware of the situation.

One of the biggest mysteries after Constellation‘s first three episodes revolves around the identity of the dead USSR cosmonaut who caused the ISS accident. Before all hell breaks loose on Jo and her team in Constellation‘s opening episode, Paul performs an experiment on Henry’s command, which seems to trigger a chain reaction of events that leads to the International Space Station colliding with a foreign object. When Jo floats outside the space station to investigate what happened, she surprisingly finds the corpse of a USSR cosmonaut.

To her dismay, when she returns to Earth, no one believes what she saw. Despite her best efforts to convince the authorities that she saw a dead USSR cosmonaut, the truth remains elusive, leading viewers to doubt whether Jo is a reliable narrator. However, as Constellation‘s episode 3 reaches its end, it becomes clearer what Jo might have seen.


Constellation Cast & Character Guide

Constellation’s drama is not only driven by its high-concept science fiction but also by its roster of actors, including both new and familiar faces.

Constellation Hints The Dead USSR Cosmonaut Could Be Irena’s Sister

Jonathan Banks as Bud/Henry and Barbara Sukowa as Irene in Constellation

Several clues in Constellation hint that Henry’s experiment in space somehow fractured the fabric of space and time and converged several parallel universes together.

In Constellation‘s episode 3, Irena visits Henry and the two talk about their families. This is when Irena reveals that her sister is no longer around, hinting that the cosmonaut might have been her sister, who died during a space mission. However, if that is the case, it is hard not to wonder why Henry did not know about Irena’s sister despite being a former astronaut. This raises the possibility of another theory: Irena from a parallel reality was the dead USSR cosmonaut. Since episode 1, Constellation has seemingly been playing with the idea of parallel worlds and quantum duality.

Several clues in Constellation hint that Henry’s experiment in space somehow fractured the fabric of space and time and converged several parallel universes together. This is probably why Jo cannot recall most things from her surroundings when she returns from the disastrous space mission, and several characters have alternate versions. In episode 3, Jo also shows a picture of Irena to her ISS crew when they visit Paul’s grave, claiming that the corpse wore the same uniform. The convergence of several realities would explain why Henry also sees a dead (alternate) version of Irena while dancing with her.

Why Russia Is Hiding The Truth About The Soviet Cosmonaut

Irena, Henry, and others working in Russia’s ROSCOSMOS seem to know what is happening. When Henry initially insists that the International Space Station’s returning crew should bring back his experiment equipment, Irena tells him that his experiment might have caused the accident, hinting that she and Henry knew what it was capable of doing. Irena even tries to gaslight Jo into believing she did not see a USSR cosmonaut but seems doubtful about her own claims.

When Irena meets Henry in his room in Constellation‘s episode 3’s ending arc, Henry even says she is concealing the truth. She still dismisses Jo’s claims by assuring herself that the odds of a USSR cosmonaut’s dead body crashing into the ISS are next to zero. However, the fact that Henry believes Jo suggests he is aware of what might have happened on the ISS in Constellation‘s episode 1.



episodes premiere on Wednesdays on Apple TV+.

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Constellation is a sci-fi psychological thriller written and created by Peter Harness for Apple TV+. After facing a crisis in space, Astronaut Jo returns to Earth only to discover nothing is quite the same – and that her sanity may be slowly slipping from her grasp.

Noomi Rapace , Jonathan Banks , James D’Arcy , Lenn Kudrjawizki , William Catlett , barbara sukowa , Carole Weyers

Release Date
February 21, 2024


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Apple TV+

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