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Who Does Anthony Vote For?


by Xtreme HD IPTV


  • Anthony hoped to be chosen as a traitor on The Traitors UK season 2, but ended up being a faithful instead.
  • Diane called out Anthony’s behavior in the first team challenge, leading to tension between them.
  • Anthony voted for Diane at the round table, despite knowing there were bigger threats, and his strategy will have to change as a result.



The Traitors UK season 2’s first episodes have aired and many are wondering who Anthony voted for in the initial round table banishment. The newest season of the series debuted with a brand-new cast of competitors who were excited to play the game, including Anthony who was hoping to become a traitor. Although Anthony was one of the hopefuls looking to play the game from a deceptive angle, he ultimately wasn’t chosen to be a traitor in the earliest phase of the game. Anthony’s job as a faithful will be to try and figure out who the traitors are while keeping himself safe in the game, which may be tough.

With The Traitors UK season 2 cast working hard to try and identify which players among them are the traitors, the immediacy of the group’s need to try and sus someone out meant that blame landed on Anthony quickly. Despite the fact that Anthony participated in the first team challenge and worked to help secure money for the prize fund, Diane was quick to call out his behavior in the challenge and explain that she felt he wasn’t a team player. With the round table votes leading to the first banishment, many wondered whom Anthony would choose to vote for.

Anthony Chose To Vote For Diane

The Traitors UK Season 2 Cast

Despite knowing there were bigger threats in the game, Anthony chose to cast his first vote at the round table for Diane. After calling him out in front of the rest of the cast, Anthony had no choice but to vote for the person who was coming after him. Anthony and the rest of The Traitors UK season 2 cast had the difficult task of only knowing each other for roughly a day before having to make their wagers on who the traitors were in the game. While Diane and Anthony have been targeting each other, the traitors were able to get through the round table unscathed.

What To Expect From Anthony On The Traitors UK Season 2

As a chess coach, Anthony can think in an incredibly strategic way which should help him to excel on The Traitors UK season 2. Anthony shared with the BBC that he was able to watch the UK, US, and Australian versions of The Traitors season 1, and hoped to take different things from each of the shows, as they all contained different elements. While Anthony was hoping he’d play the game as a traitor in a position of power, his time on the series will be as part of the faithful. While his initial game plan will have to change, Anthony felt he would be able to excel either way.

While Anthony’s round table vote for Diane didn’t do much of anything considering she wasn’t voted out of the game, he was able to make his points about her known to the larger group. The rest of the cast of The Traitors UK season 2 may have their eyes on Anthony in order to watch his behavior, but his time as a faithful will likely be spent doing everything he can to keep himself in the game moving forward. For Anthony and the rest of The Traitors UK season 2 cast, the game’s just getting started.

Source: BBC

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