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Where The Cast of House M.D. Is In 2024

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  • Hugh Laurie’s iconic portrayal of Dr. House showcased his talent as a dramatic actor, winning him multiple awards and nominations.
  • After House ended, the cast stayed busy with various TV projects, showcasing their versatility in different genres and roles.
  • Each actor from House, like Robert Sean Leonard and Jennifer Morrison, found success post-show, further solidifying their place in Hollywood.

House M.D. started 20 years ago and became one of the best medical series in TV history. The premise is different from most doctor shows as it got inspiration from Sherlock Holmes. Here, the strange diseases are a mystery that must be solved as Holmes did with murders. That unique idea and the incredible performance by Hugh Laurie as House, a Vicodin addict who needed a cane after a leg operation went wrong and who was a medical genius without good bedside manners, did the rest.

The show lasted eight seasons and 176 episodes, where House and his revolving team of doctors (it wasn’t easy working with him) discovered every weird disease in the book, even if it was rarely lupus. Since the series’ ending, the cast has kept working steadily on all kinds of projects and genres. Here’s where the cast of House is in 2024.


House M.D.

Release Date
November 16, 2004


Hugh Laurie — Dr. Gregory House

Hugh Laurie was the heart and soul of this show, as he was its lead character and best actor. He played Dr. Gregory House, the head of the diagnostics team, with a sad past. He had a muscle infection in his leg, and the operation left him with a limp, chronic pain, and Vicodin addiction. The character was not a gentle soul, but he was the doctor you wanted to investigate your symptoms to save your life. Before the show, Laurie was known for comedies like Stuart Little and A Bit of Fry and Laurie, but this TV series proved he could also be a dramatic actor. He got six Emmy nominations, two Golden Globe wins (and four more nominations) for playing the character for which the actor is most remembered.

Laurie Went Back to His Comedic Roots

When the medical show ended, the actor went back to his comedic roots to play Tom James in Veep as a backstabbing political operator (like every other political operator on that show). He also played the villain in The Night Manager (the show that proved that Tom Hiddleston could do James Bond). His biggest role since playing House has been in Avenue 5, the latest show by Veep’s Armando Iannucci, where he plays spaceship captain Ryan Clark, a not-so-bright man who leads a not-so-great ship. His latest appearance has been in the TV miniseries All the Light We Cannot See.

Robert Sean Leonard — Dr. James Wilson

Robert Sean Leonard might’ve been the most well-known face when House started, as he was one of the leads in Robin Williams’ great film Dead Poets Society and had a role in Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing. In this TV series, he played the Head of Oncology, Dr. James Wilson, House’s best friend and confidant, Watson to House’s Sherlock, in one of Leonard’s best performances ever.

Leonard Became the Perfect TV Series Guest Star

After House, Leonard became the perfect guest star for many TV series, from The Blacklist to The Good Wife and Blue Bloods, before getting a supporting role in the last two seasons of the alien sci-fi story Falling Skies, where he played scientist Roger Kadar. His latest role was as Reverend Matthew Forte in The Gilded Age’s second season.

Lisa Edelstein — Dr. Lisa Cuddy

On the show, Lisa Edelstein played the dean of medicine and chief hospital administrator, Lisa Cuddy. She was the only authority figure the lead doctor kind of respected and listened to, and they had a will-they-won’t-they romantic relationship. The actress already had a long career in TV, although mostly as a guest star in shows like The West Wing, Felicity, and Ally McBeal, so this was her biggest role yet.

Edelstein Left the Show After a Contract Renewal Disagreement

The actress left after season seven because of a contract renewal disagreement for her to keep playing Cuddy in the show’s eighth and final season. She kept playing guest star roles in shows like Castle and lending her voice acting talents to animated series like The Legend of Korra before landing the lead role in Bravo’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. Her latest appearance has been as Golda Rosemblum on the TV miniseries Little Bird.

Omar Epps — Dr. Eric Foreman

Omar Epps was neurologist Dr. Eric Foreman, a part of House’s diagnostics team who was always against his boss’s methods, having a love-hate relationship with him. The actor got this role after already playing a doctor with a tragic ending in ER and having been the actor they always went to for playing athletes, as he did in Love & Basketball and Against the Ropes.

Epps Has Played Many Authoritative Figures Since

The actor stayed on the show for its eight seasons and has kept working non-stop on that medium. Since the show’s ending, he’s been part of the cast of three different TV shows, playing authoritative figures. He played J. Martin Bellamy in Resurrection, FBI agent Isaac Johnson in Shooter, and now he’s one of the most important characters in Power Book III: Raising Kanan.


House: The 20 Best Episodes of the Series, Ranked

House is one of the most fascinating medical drama shows in the history of television. Here is a look back at its 20 best episodes.

Jesse Spencer — Dr. Robert Chase

Australian actor Jesse Spencer started House as the young, pretty boy Dr. Robert Chase on House’s diagnostic team. His arc as a character might’ve been one of the best in the show, as Chase goes from a young, insecure doctor to brilliant at diagnostics, so much so that he ends the series running what had been House’s diagnostics team.

Spencer Now Plays a Beloved Firefighter in Chicago Fire

After leaving the show, Spencer became one of the leads of Chicago Fire, and he played the character for the next nine years and 200 episodes. Although he left the show after 18 years of acting on prime TV shows to take a personal rest and get married, he’s already made a couple of guest appearances on the firefighter show, and fans are hoping he’ll come back full-time.

Jennifer Morrison — Dr. Alisson Cameron

Jennifer Morrison played immunologist Dr. Allison Cameron, the only woman on House’s diagnostics team, as someone who always wanted to help those in need, consequences be damned. The character left the team to become an ER attending as she couldn’t cope with the doctor’s methods and how heartbreaking their job was. This role was the actress’s big break in Hollywood, and she hasn’t stopped working since.

Morrison Has Become a TV Director

Morrison left the show after season six to become the lead character Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time. Since then, she’s been part of This is Us and was a season romantic interest in How I Met Your Mothera show cut above its competition. Her latest role as an actress is in Will Trent, but her more promising career right now is as a director, as she’s done episodes of Euphoria, Joe Pickett, and just directed four episodes of Dr. Death’s second season.

Peter Jacobson — Dr. Chris Taub

Peter Jacobson became part of the show in the fourth season, playing private practice plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Taub. He first appeared when House created a kind of Olympics to choose who he would hire as doctors on his diagnostics team. Taub became the team’s voice of reason and someone who, by the end, had House’s respect. The actor had already been working for 15 years before the role, and yet this is still the one for which most people remember him.

A Jack-of-All-Trades Actor

After House, Jacobson became a jack-of-all-trades actor, appearing as a guest star all over the TV landscape until landing a spot on Ray Donovan. His biggest roles since have been in Colony, as one of the humans who made deals with aliens to better themselves and their careers, and in Fear of the Walking Dead as Rabbi Jacob Kessner. His latest appearance has been in a galaxy far, far away, as he was a guest star on the Star Wars TV series Ahsoka.

Olivia Wilde — Thirteen

Another character that first appeared in the show’s fourth season, Olivia Wilde played Thirteen (Dr. Remy Hadley), a great doctor with Huntington’s disease who, surprisingly, becomes one of House’s best friends as they both feel broken and understand each other. The role is still one of the best performances by Wilde ever on TV, where she was already known through her stint in The O.C.’s second season.

Wilde’s Career Focus Is Now on Directing Movies

The actress has become a big name in Hollywood after leaving the TV series, as a performer and a director. She was one of the lead characters in both TRON: Legacy and Cowboys and Aliens and proved how great of an actress she was in Drinking Buddies. In the last few years, her focus has shifted to directing, with her first film, Booksmart, getting rave reviews from critics and fans. Her second movie, Don’t Worry Darling, where she also appeared as a character named Bunny, was surrounded by controversy and wasn’t on par with her debut. She has three projects as director in development, so in 2024 and 2025, audiences will see much more of her behind the camera than in front of it.


House: The Real Reasons Why Cast Members Left the Show

Throughout House’s run, several cast members left the series. Here are the reasons for their exits.

Kal Penn — Dr. Lawrence Kutner

Before appearing on House, for most, Kal Penn was Kumar in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. On the show, he played Dr. Lawrence Kutner, a sports medicine and rehabilitation specialist who became the biggest teddy bear the diagnostics team ever had. He became a fan favorite before leaving the show in season five in what might be one of the saddest and most jaw-dropping episodes House ever did.

Penn Left Acting and Worked at the White House

Of all the actors who left the show, Penn’s reasons are the most surprising, as he stopped his career as an actor to work in Barack Obama’s White House as associate director of public engagement. After his time as a public officer, Penn came back to his first love, acting, and worked on TV shows like Designated Survivor, How I Met Your Mother, and Clarice. His latest role has been in the TV series The Santa Clauses.

Odette Annable — Dr. Jessica Adams

Odette Annable was the last addition to House’s diagnostics team. She played Dr. Jessica Adams, a prison doctor at the jail where House was being held. Once he left, he offered her a job at Princeton’s Plainsboro Memorial. The actress was a regular in the show’s last season, as she watched the doctor’s unique methods where there were no rules as long as they saved the patient.

Annable Has Played a Kick-Ass Action Character and a Super Villain

After the medical series ended, Annable played the kick-ass Nola Longshadow in Banshee with some impressive action skills and became Supergirl’s third-season big bad as Reign, a kind of Mr. Hyde to her Samantha Arias’ Mr. Jekyll. Her latest big role has been as Geri Broussard in the last three seasons of Walker, playing a family friend who might become much more for the lead Texas Ranger.

Stream House on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

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