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What Loujain Adada’s Up To In 2023 (& Fun Facts About Her Background)


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  • Loujain Adada’s trying to shed her gold-digger image, and she’s showing ambition by branching out into the restaurant business.
  • Loujain, a former model, started her career at a young age. She later worked as a TV host before becoming a trophy wife.
  • Loujain posts frequently on Instagram, showcasing her luxurious lifestyle. She’s a great addition to the glamorous Dubai Bling season 2 cast.



Dubai Bling star Loujain Adada’s controversial thanks to her gold-digger label, but there’s more to the glamorous ex-model than cold, hard cash, and it’s time to share some facts about her. In season 2, Loujain’s branching out… and perhaps trying to shed the gold-digger image. She’s talking about becoming a waitress, but she doesn’t really seem like the kind of person who’s going to work a typical 9 to 5 job for very long. She has an ulterior motive as she’s planning to enter the restaurant business. She figures learning from the ground up is the best way to build expertise.

Loujain’s showing her ambition, so maybe everyone’s been too hard on her. Nonetheless, Dubai Bling season 2 is all about decadence. Outrageously dressed cast members mingle and sometimes clash. Ebraheem Al Samadi can’t make peace with Zeina Khoury after a tacky office invasion. While Loujain isn’t really getting the villain edit this time around, she has before. This time, she’s all about reinvention, but her romance with fashion industry pro Hasnain Lehri is also a focus. After her onscreen musical performance, she told him off for trying to get serious, which didn’t bode well. Is the widow (whose late husband was much older) really ready for a commitment? Maybe not.

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Dubai Bling Season 2’s Loujain Adada Turned 33 In November 2023

Dubai Bling’s Loujain Adada Is 33 Years Old

Loujain is 33 years old and as glamorous as ever. The mother of two kids (she has two daughters) looks fabulous. She was born on November 11, 1989. The sexy Scorpio has all the mysterious allure that her Sun sign is known for. While she isn’t the most outspoken Dubai Bling cast member, with Scorpios, still waters run very deep. With Loujain, there’s surely a lot going under the surface that viewers don’t see. Scorpios are known for their determination, intensity and vengeful spirits,

Scorpio natives will do almost anything to get what they want. Loujain got dragged for marrying an old man. She fit the stereotype of the beautiful young woman who married a much older man in order to get his money when he passed away. In any event, Loujain did get his money – only she knows how much she loved him. Although she has talked about how much he meant to her, there will always be doubters who don’t believe her.

Now, she has money and that gives her a lot of options. While she hasn’t revealed her net worth, she is believed to be extremely wealthy, and one of the richest Dubai Bling stars. While her new love interest wants to marry her, Loujain definitely doesn’t have to walk down the aisle if she doesn’t want to. In terms of her past marriage, she was the third wife of Walid Juffali, who had megabucks. In fact, he was a billionaire. When they married, she was just 25, and he was 60 years old. He was the Chairman of W Investments, as well as the Saudi Cement Company and Saudi American Banks.

Money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness – life is more complicated than that. Lots can happen that money can’t fix, from serious health issues to heartbreak. However, there’s no question that the well-dressed cast member Loujain has financial security. That’s more than a lot of people can say, so she’s very fortunate.

Dubai Bling’s Loujain Adada Want To Get Into The Restaurant Business

Loujain Adada Is A Former Model With Big Dreams

Dubai Bling's Loujain Adada in pink dress posing

Loujain’s origins are Lebanese, and she says she had humble beginnings. However, she was born in America in the Golden State. She was raised in her birthplace, California, but later returned to her parent’s native land, Lebanon. She feels very connected to Lebanese culture. After her stint in California, she continued her schooling in Beirut. The 5′ 8″ woman with brown hair and pale blue eyes really stands out, so it’s not surprising that she ended up modeling.

Big spender Loujain started modeling very young, when she was only 14 years old. During her first gig, she posed for a beauty ad that ended up in the “glossies.” She was so excited about making it into a magazine. She loved modeling and doing it also gave her a passion for photography and fashion design. As she wasn’t really tall, she didn’t get a lot of catwalk work, but did well with ads and editorial modeling. She leveraged that success into a new career as a TV host. She needed to learn the art and science of presenting on television, but gave up that line of work when she got married. By her early twenties, she was a trophy wife.

Now, she wants to get into the restaurant business. Onscreen, one of her friends offered to get her a waitressing job and she was interested. Viewers would likely be very entertained by the sight of Loujain serving customers. At this point, she’s an ultra-rich woman who doesn’t exactly seem like a minimum-wage worker. So, this storyline could be rather intriguing. Quite possibly, she’ll end up owning a luxe eatery in the playground for the rich, Dubai.

Dubai Bling’s Loujain Adadi’s Raising Her Two Daughters

Loujain Is Very Active On Social Media

Loujain posts frequently at Instagram, where she has 893K followers. In the charming post shown above, she poses with one of her daughters. Both wear colorful dresses. Like her costars. Dubai Bling‘s Loujain Adada promotes her lifestyle online. It’s so aspirational. Those who dream of enjoying the kind of lifestyle that rich and famous people have can soak up the ambiance while checking out Loujain’s profile. She shows off designer fashions in noteworthy destinations, and also tells followers a bit about her offscreen life. When she’s not posing next to a Porsche 911 while wearing a mini-skirt and sultry expression, Loujain is making the scene at lavish parties, or showing off the expensive handbags that she clearly collects.

Life is short and people should live it up, and Loujain is doing just that. While it could be argued that Dubai Bling stars are into conspicuous consumption, so are American reality TV show stars. What sets this show apart is the diverse melting pot of cultures in the glam city, as well as its gorgeous locales. Loujain adds high-fashion elegance to the mix, but she’s got some grit under her picture-perfect exterior, and that’s why she’s so much fun to watch.

Sources: Loujain Adada/Instagram, Loujain Adada/Instagram

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