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Trek’s Award-Winning New Era is Aiming Even Higher in 2024


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  • Star Trek’s
    new comic book era is set to achieve great things in 2024, with an Eisner-nominated first year and high expectations for the future.
  • Senior Editor Heather Antos promises fans the creative team has been unified with one goal: tell “the most badass Star Trek story ever told.”
  • The upcoming storyline will have a definite ending and will bring closure to the characters and the story, setting the stage for future
    Star Trek



The acclaimed new era of Star Trek launched by IDW Publishing has taken massive strides in its first year, but the creative team’s sights are set even higher for 2024. In late 2022, IDW Publishing released a brand new Star Trek comic featuring characters culled from across the franchise, brought together to save the galaxy. With a creative team already earning two Eisner nominations (including “Best New Series), fans have a new, tantalizing tease at what’s still to come.

As part of Screen Rant’s Captain’s Log exclusive feature, IDW’s Star Trek group editor Heather Antos discussed the challenges and thrills of working on a licensed property like Trek, and the restrictions inherent to a massive IP. Rather than finding it stifling, Antos reassures fans that the entire creative team remains focused on their original, wildly ambitious goal:

Oh, y’all ain’t ready for what comes next. I think that’s been the really cool thing about working with Jackson, Collin, and Chris Cantwell… It’s just been so great to be working with such professional writers, that we all want the same thing:
we just want the most cohesive, badass Star Trek story ever told.
And when you’re given this gap in time that we have, between Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Nemesis, there is this very finite sandbox that we’re allowed to play in. I love that when when working with licensed IP. Here’s your sandbox, here are the restrictions. What’s the coolest story you can tell in that time span?

It means that we have a finite end in mind. And we’ve had a finite end in mind from the very beginning. At any point, since the inception of this line, we have known exactly where it starts, exactly where it builds to, and exactly where we have to put the toys back in the box. That means that everything is being done with intention, there’s nothing that’s happenstance in any of these stories. It is all being done very, very intentionally, which has been very cool.

IDW’s New Era of Star Trek is The Definition of ‘Going Boldly’

Future Creators Will Be Hard Pressed to Top This New Era

Antos did not give any details on just what the team’s planned “ending” would entail, or even when fans can expect it to arrive, but thus far IDW has set the bar extremely high for future Star Trek comics. The first year of the flagship Star Trek series and its spinoff Defiant built to Day of Blood, a major crossover event which saw the cloned Klingon Emperor Kahless declare war on the galaxy’s god-like beings (including the Bajoran Prophets who sent Captain Ben Sisko back to stop him). Sisko and the crew of the USS Theseus were successful in stopping Kahless, but the tyrant is still roaming the galaxy with devoted followers.

Now that the dust from Day of Blood has settled, Sisko and company find themselves trying to diffuse a tense political situation in the Tzenkethi homeworld. The Tzenkethi are one of the franchise’s biggest mysteries, and Star Trek writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, working with artist Marcus To, have brought them to epic life, depicting a civilization vastly different from anything fans have seen before. Meanwhile, Defiant has made Worf and his rebel crew into bounty hunters for Starfleet, working off the books to bring in some of the galaxy’s “most dangerous” criminals. Where these stories could head next is a wide open question.


‘Emissary of The Prophets’: Star Trek’s Ben Sisko Finally Embraces Godhood in Breathtaking New Artwork (Exclusive)

The return of Star Trek’s Ben Sisko has left his godhood under question, but Trek takes a bold stance in a breathtaking series of connecting covers.

2024 Promises to Be The Biggest Year for Star Trek Comics, Ever

Kahless and Lore Are Still Massive Threats to the Galaxy

Star Trek Lore Day of Blood Godhood

Compelling as they may already be, these parallel storylines are only the tip of the iceberg compared to what the publisher has in store for 2024. As noted, Kahless is still at large, as is Lore, the ‘evil Data’ who had his own religious experience in Day of Blood, becoming deadlier than ever. And with Sisko yet to resolve his issues with the Prophets without a face-to-face meeting, and another comic focused entirely on the Sons of Star Trek, IDW’s team is leaving countless storylines to explore.

For now, the next era of Star Trek comics is a mystery known only to those telling it, but given the path thus far, there’s no reason to think they will miss when aiming even higher in 2024.

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