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A new interview clip featuring fired Marvel Cinematic Universe star Jonathan Majors goes viral for seemingly playing out like a scene from The Boys.

This article covers a developing story. Continue to check back with us as we will be adding more information as it becomes available.


  • Jonathan Majors’ controversial interview resembles scenes from The Boys, leaving Twitter users skeptical about his sincerity.
  • Fans anticipate that The Boys will mock Majors’ interview in future episodes, adding a satirical twist to the situation.
  • Many Twitter users are convinced that the interview is proof that The Boys has a completely accurate portrayal of American media.



The advertisements for a new interview with Jonathan Majors appear to borrow some PR strategies from The Boys. Once a rising star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Creed III, Majors was involved in a domestic dispute in March that led to the actor being convicted of assault and harassment. Marvel Studios has since fired Majors, and his sentencing will take place on February 6. Since his guilty verdict, Majors will be giving an interview about the situation on GMA on January 8.

Jonathan Majors’ ongoing controversy has been disastrous for his public persona, and he has been hoping to use the interview to share his side of the story. Twitter users, however, have been finding the advertisements somewhat disingenuous. Check out the reactions:

Twitter user @imifaes thinks that Majors is acting like The Deep whenever he gives an on-air apology.

@GokuShill thinks that The Boys season 4 will need to parody Majors’ interview.

@jotmanjotman felt like the scene could have been pulled from The Boys in the first place.

@drehorizon thinks that the writers of The Boys are already excited to parody the interview.

@zerowontmiss thinks that the interview could just be a promotional clip for The Boys in the first place.

@hernandy_s thinks that Homelander should be the one to take the starring role in the interview parody, rather than The Deep.

@E1der_AU thinks that this is just a way for the MCU to get Majors back to playing Kang, just as the Seven did with The Deep.

@Thando______ thinks that Majors’ PR manager must be Ashley Barrett.

@Uchihaddy thinks that this is proof that The Boys truly understands American media.


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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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