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‘They Made Me Look Nuts’: Kelly Rowland Says Fans Are Always Reminding Her She Tried To Text Someone In Excel In A Music Video 20 Years Ago

by Xtreme HD IPTV

Anyone who has been on the Internet in the past two decades has no doubt seen the clip: singer Kelly Rowland trying to send Nelly a text message via Microsoft Excel, of all things, in the 2002 music video for their song “Dilemma.” The tech snafu has been memed up the wazoo in the 22 years since the video debuted, and now the Destiny’s Child icon is addressing the hilarious gadget gaffe. 

The performer—who can currently be seen starring in the critically lambasted Tyler Perry thriller Mea Culpa, which you can stream now with a Netflix subscription—recently appeared on Mystical Kitchen’s “Last Meal” series. After jokingly being introduced by the show’s host Josh Scherer as “the only person in history to successfully send a text message via Microsoft Excel,” Rowland exclaimed: 

Oh my god, do you know how much flack I get from that?…It’s fine, I’m so used to it now.

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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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