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The Walking Dead Spinoffs In Order

by Xtreme HD IPTV

When it comes to long-lasting horror television, the undisputed king of the jungle (or whatever woodsy area) is definitely The Walking Dead franchise, which has been piling up bodies and spinoffs at AMC since October 2010. (FX’s American Horror Story, which arrived in 2011, is the clear silver medalist.) The threat of the undead is rearing its rotting head anew with The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, which welcomes back Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira’s respective fan faves Rick and Michonne. They’ve come a long way, which is why we’re looking back at all the TWD spinoffs that have expanded this particular post-apocalypse.

It’s almost hard to believe TV viewers have been rallying for Team Family for nearly 15 years, and even longer for fans of Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore’s comic book series. So in honor of the remnants of the Ricktatorship, let’s hop on the back of an unbitten horse and ride through a timeline of spinoffs in the order of their arrival as we await even more upcoming Walking Dead shows.

Torn Apart And Other Web Series (2011-2017)

Bicycle Girl zombie in The Walking Dead: Torn Apart web series

(Image credit: AMC)

Nearly a year after The Walking Dead’s wildly successful debut on AMC, following the headline-making firing of co-developer Frank Darabont, executive producer and special effects mastermind Greg Nicotero delivered the first of four short-form webisode spinoffs that helped to expand the universe in bloody, bite-sized morsels. Check out all four of the Internet-based spinoffs below.

  • Torn Apart (2011): The six-part project told the story of Hannah, perhaps better known as the “Bicycle Girl” walker from The Walking Dead‘s series premiere, whom Rick puts out of her undead misery.
  • Cold Storage (2012): Criminal Minds vet Josh Stewart starred in this four-part micro-series about Atlanta survivors dealing with a sadistic former co-worker.
  • The Oath (2013): This three-ep tale is essentially an origin story for the iconic “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” message that has served as a go-to visual for The Walking Dead since the earliest days.
  • Red Hatchet (2017-18): The fourth and final web-based spinoff (so far) shifted its release strategy to dropping its six installments across a six-month span as it gave viewers the story behind Rick Grimes’ bladed weapon of choice.

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