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The Traitors US Desperately Needs A Spinoff Without Famous Reality Stars


by Xtreme HD IPTV


  • Casting regular people instead of reality stars would bring a more unpredictable and authentic dynamic to The Traitors.
  • The British version of The Traitors feels more serious and has higher stakes compared to the more campy US version.
  • Casting average people from diverse backgrounds would make the show more interesting and relatable to viewers.



The Traitors US pits reality stars against each other, but the show desperately needs a spin-off that casts regular people instead. The show’s second season, currently streaming on Peacock, brought together 22 well-known reality stars. The cast includes Tamra Judge of The Real Housewives Of Orange County, Dan Gheesling from Big Brother, Parvati Shallow from Survivor, and many others.

The Traitors US is a spin-off of the UK show The Traitors. The UK version is very similar in theme, location, and format, but instead of reality stars, it casts regular people from all over the UK. The Traitors UK is currently airing on the BBC, and watching both shows concurrently really highlights the difference between casting reality stars versus average people who have never been on television.


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More Mystery

Alan Cumming The Traitors US Season 2 Cast

Reality TV stars are well-known entities, both to other players and the audience. Some of them have been competing on reality shows for years, so they’re familiar faces and personalities. These players have reputations and have exhibited patterns of behavior that are predictable to a certain extent. Whereas average people who have never been in the public eye are unknown entities and less predictable. The cast of The Traitors UK has a more difficult time reading each other.

Stakes Are Higher

The Traitors UK's Claudia winkleman

The Traitors US season 2 comes off as more campy than its British counterpart due to its cast of reality television stars. The British version of the show is darker and moodier. The US contestants are familiar with being on television and know how to play to the cameras, while the UK contestants are much more natural and authentic. The Traitors UK reads as a more serious show with higher stakes than the American version. Several of the UK contestants have spoken about their financial struggles and how much the prize money could change their lives.


The Traitors UK Players

Casting only reality stars allows for less professional diversity. The cast of The Traitors UK includes a chess coach, a British army engineer, and two veterinary nurses. Though the cast of The Traitors US season 2 includes an occasional lawyer like Phadra Parks from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, it mostly consists of professional TV personalities who haven’t worked real jobs in years. Watching people from various walks of life compete is more interesting. Also, average people are simply more relatable than people who are accustomed to living their lives in the public eye.

The Traitors US TV Series Poster

The Traitors (US)

The Traitors is a reality competition series that features celebrity and civilian contestants vying for a grand prize. They must engage in challenges while trying to uncover the traitors in their midst. Based on the Dutch series, The US incarnation of Traitors is hosted by actor Alan Cumming. As the faithful try to avoid being “murdered” by the traitors, the traitors must work together to evade banishment.

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