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The Traitors UK Fans Aren’t Ready For Most Shocking Episode Yet, According To Paul Gorton


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  • Paul Gorton’s cryptic tweet about upcoming events in The Traitors UK has caused chaos among fans who are confused and eagerly awaiting what will happen next.
  • Paul’s recent move to get one of his fellow Traitors banished has caused him to be viewed differently by other players in the game.
  • Despite some fans being upset with Paul’s actions, he may have strategically positioned himself to have a strong chance of winning the competition.



The Traitors UK season 2’s Paul Gorton knows the season has been exciting already, but shared he feels fans won’t be expecting what happens next on the murder mystery competition series. While The Traitors UK’s season 2 has been off to a fascinating and intense beginning, the series still has its biggest twists to come. As the cast of Traitors have worked hard to keep their identities a secret, the rest of the players have been focused on finding out who they are and banishing them from the game. After getting Traitor Ash Bibi out of the castle, the Faithful have been on a run of banishing their own.

In response to a post on Twitter from Scott Bryan asking, “HOW IS IT STILL TWO DAYS TILL THE TRAITORS,” one of the Traitors themselves responded. Paul, who’s still part of the Traitors team along with Harry Clark, shared his thoughts on the tweet. “You’ll be thankful for the days off after you witness what’s coming,” Paul shared on his own account, creating chaos amongst his followers on the platform. While Paul is one of the remaining Traitors, it’s clear things will be exciting during the third week of competition as The Traitors UK season 2 cast continues to work.

The Traitors UK Fans React To Paul Gorton’s Cryptic Post

Montage of The Traitors UK Season 2's Paul Gorton, with fire behind him and orange background

While The Traitors UK season 2 is on schedule, Paul’s tweet has caused chaos amongst fans of the series who are confused by what he could mean. “Regardless of the end result you’ve been brilliant Paul. Can’t wait for a proper discussion,” @Christo7041130 shared, while @AmandineOlivier shared, “This level of teasing is unacceptable!” The reaction to Paul’s tweet ranged from fans chastising him for being so teasing, to reaction GIFs, to people sharing their own theories about the ultimate outcome of the series. “Check everyone in the replies believing you,” @Sod_pot shared in the replies, “HAVE THEY LEARNED NOTHING?!”

With Paul’s tweet making some descend into chaos, it’s clear that The Traitors UK fans have been impatiently awaiting what will happen next during the exciting game. For those who are up to date with the series, it’s no surprise that Paul was excited to share what happened in the most recent episode. During The Traitors UK season 2 episode 7, Paul was able to get one of his fellow Traitors banished, which took the heat off him a bit in the eyes of several other players in the game. While Paul and Harry were able to get rid of Miles Asteri, their road ahead will be a bumpy one.

The majority of The Traitors UK fans may be upset with Paul’s recent moves in the game, but he ultimately had to take a risk that could pay off majorly in the long run. In ramping up the drama with his tweets, Paul caused many to wonder what would be happening during the second to last week of the competition. Though there are still a few episodes of The Traitors UK season 2 left for him to falter, it’s possible that Paul has put himself in an incredible position to win the game.

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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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