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The Toxic Avenger: What We Know About The Superhero Movie Reboot


by Xtreme HD IPTV

The de facto mascot for Troma — the independent film production company known for some of the most disturbing, absurd, and even controversial cult favorites of all time — is the titular hero of The Toxic Avenger

In the eyes of audiences who indulge in shocking violence, gross-out practical effects, and heartwarming underdog stories, the 1984 B-movie might be seen as one of the best superhero movies of its time. Those same people might be excited to know that the franchise is continuing with a new reimagining of the original, and the following is your guide to everything you need to know about the upcoming superhero movie reboot.

What Is The Toxic Avenger Release Date?

Shot from The Toxic Avenger trailer

(Image credit: Legendary Pictures / Troma)

At the moment, The Toxic Avenger has no official release date. However, we can confirm that the film is completed, as it premiered at Fantastic Fest in September 2023. Therefore, a spot on the upcoming 2024 movies schedule is likely and would be quite fitting, given that the original film is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

An Underdog Story About A Janitor-Turned-Hero Via Toxic Waste

Mitch Cohen in The Toxic Avenger

(Image credit: Troma)

As established, The Toxic Avenger is a reimagining of the cheesy ‘80s sci-fi comedy where a gawky, rail-thin teenager named Melvin Fred Junko III (Mark Torgl), works as a custodian at a gym in Tromaville. That is, until a cruel prank results in him accidentally falling into a drum of toxic waste. Instead of killing him, the chemicals transform him into a grotesque mutant (portrayed by Mitch Cohen, but voiced by Kenneth Kessler), but also give him super powers that he uses to rid his town of its dastardly derelicts and corrupt authority figures.

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