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The Smashing Machine: Everything We Know About Dwayne Johnson’s A24 Movie


by Xtreme HD IPTV

For years, Dwayne Johnson has been one of the biggest names in the world of professional wrestling and Hollywood, having won the WWE Championship multiple times and dominated at the box office. At some point soon, the successful wrestler-turned-actor will step into the octagon when he takes on the role of legendary UFC fighter Mark Kerr in the upcoming A24 movie titled The Smashing Machine.

If this is the first you’re hearing about the exciting project being helmed by Benny Safdie in his first time directing a movie without his brother Josh, don’t worry, because we have some key details about the long-in-the-works biographical drama. Let’s dive into what could be one of the most hard-hitting sports films in recent memory, The Smashing Machine.

What Is The Smashing Machine Release Date?

The A24 logo

(Image credit: A24)

A24 has yet to announce a release date for The Smashing Machine at this time, and we don’t know when cameras will start rolling on the film documenting the life and times of one of the UFC’s earliest stars. With Dwayne Johnson’s return to the Fast & Furious franchise on the way and his role in the Disney live-action remake of the 2016 animated hit, Moana, taking top priority for the in-demand star, it’s hard to say exactly when production will get underway and even harder to say when the film will be released.

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