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The Conners Season 6 Sets Up One Roseanne Character’s Redemption


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  • The Conners season 6 should give Harris a happy ending, as her maturity and recent storylines have set her up for success.
  • Harris deserves a stronger plot and more independence in season 6, focusing on finding her own place and job.
  • The show must prioritize improving Harris’ circumstances and stop treating her like the cartoonish character from the Roseanne season 10 revival.



While The Conners season 6 will need to wrap up the entire cast’s storylines, the Roseanne spinoff is set to give one supporting character a well-earned conclusion to their character arc. The Conners has a large, multi-generational cast, and it is sometimes tricky for the Roseanne follow-up to do them all justice. Not only is there Roseanne’s widower Dan and his new partner, Louise, but there’s also Roseanne’s sister, Jackie, and her husband, Neville; Roseanne and Dan’s three children, Darlene, Becky, and DJ; Darlene’s children, Mark and Harris; and DJ’s daughter, Mary. Given this crowded lineup, it’s no surprise that The Conners dropped DJ in season 5 and Mary in season 6.

However, The Conners season 6 may still struggle to give each of its cast members sufficient screen time despite trimming the credits. After all, Becky hasn’t had a truly meaningful character arc since season 3, when she battled with addiction while raising her young daughter. Although Ben and Darlene are in a relatively harmonious place, Mark is heading off to college while Jackie is dealing with her mother Bev’s rapidly worsening dementia. As such, The Conners already has a lot of storylines in the air for what might be its final season, and that is without even mentioning the character who is most overdue a solid subplot of her own.

The Conners Season 6 Is Primed To Fix Harris’ Story

Harris’ maturity proves that season 6 should give her a happy ending

The Conners heroine Harris deserves a stronger plot in season 6, and the show has already set her up for success throughout the preceding season. She’s moved out of Dan and Louise’s house, Mark has gone off to college, and her ill-fated liaison with Kai has come to a close. As such, nothing is standing in the way of Harris making a clean break by moving out of her mother’s home and beginning her career. The Conners failed Harris and Becky throughout seasons 4 and 5, but it is not too late for the series to make up for this by giving Harris a more proactive role to play.

Harris did have a multi-episode arc in season 5, but this bleak storyline didn’t give her a chance to shine. At her best, Darlene’s daughter is as rebellious as her mother but more upbeat and carefree, not unlike a younger version of her aunt Becky, though without Becky’s nervous people pleasing. Harris’ anti-authority edge makes her a lot like her mother, but she is better at winning people over to her side and not as prone to hopelessness as Darlene. Since The Conners season 6 is bringing back Becky’s love interest Tyler, viewers can be assured she will have a happy ending. Now, Harris deserves the same.

Harris Should Become More Independent in The Conners Season 6

Harris’ recent storylines all point toward her gaining more freedom

Harris in The Conners by a group photo of Dan, DJ, Darlene, Becky, and Jackie

Harris attempted to gain independence in season 4 by dating the good-natured buffoon Aldo, but this soon devolved into an endless fight with her mother. In season 6, she should focus her efforts on finding a place of her own and a job outside the Lunchbox instead of using romantic relationships as a route out of the Conner family home. Harris’ love life has been something of a disaster in recent years as she broke up with Aldo, went out with a local guy whom Becky had already dated, and was even robbed by a seedy drifter in season 5.

Harris deserves a break, and the best way for her to get this is by leaving home. The Conners season 6 already set up its biggest tragedy with Beverly’s impending death, so the show doesn’t need to double down on grim storylines by making Harris’ life harder. The young heroine has been through enough and, since her aunt’s subplot is likely to see her find a happy ending with a new partner, it makes sense for at least one of the spinoff’s heroes to stay single. Harris successfully leaving home on her own steam would also prove she is independent, something she has always defiantly insisted.

Harris’ Struggles Were Set Up in Roseanne’s Revival

Roseanne season 10 introduced Harris as an over-the-top joke

Split image of Harris in The Conners and Dan and Roseanne in Roseanne

Back in 2018’s Roseanne season 10, Harris was originally established as a cartoonishly entitled caricature of Gen Z kids. Since then, she has grown and matured but, as her season 6 status proves, she still hasn’t been able to find a steady job or living situation. This is particularly brutal when the character has gotten so much better, but the show’s treatment of her hasn’t recognized her efforts. Instead of bringing back more Roseanne characters in season 6 for the sake of nostalgia, The Conners must prioritize improving Harris’ circumstances.

Since Harris has gotten a lot more watchable and easier to root for, The Conners needs to stop treating her like the nightmarish cartoon character of the season 10 revival. The spinoff has already redeemed her, but its treatment of Harris hasn’t caught up and Emma Kenney’s character remains stuck in a rut after two seasons of indecision. Now, The Conners season 6 needs to do right by Harris and give the Roseanne heroine a fitting ending to her character’s compelling arc.

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