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The Best American Horror Story Episode From Each Of The Show’s 12 Seasons

by Xtreme HD IPTV


  • “Smoldering Children” offers a shocking twist revealing Violet has been a ghost in Murder House for some time.
  • “The Name Game” ties together Asylum’s complex plots with a fiery death and thrilling conclusion.
  • “Bitchcraft” sets up a strong start for Coven with young witches and intriguing narrative threads.



American Horror Story has had some incredible highs in the 12 seasons that have been released so far, but even within each season, there are some episodes that stand out from the rest. Created by Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, the highly acclaimed horror anthology series has won 16 Primetime Emmys since it debuted in 2012. The show takes a unique approach to a horror series thanks to a rotating cast, and a new central story that is explored with each new season.

Thanks to the format, each season can be viewed independently of the others, with only a few rare crossover moments throughout American Horror Story. And as with any good show, there have been highs and lows with some seasons that were incredibly compelling and intriguing, while others failed to stand out. Despite this, every season has had its own highlights, and a standout episode that helped to define the season and keep audiences coming back to dive in to each new story.

American Horror Story Season 12 Poster

American Horror Story

American Horror Story is a Horror Anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The franchise has seen stars like Connie Britton, Jessica Lange, Denis O’Hare, Zachary Quinto, Evan Peters, and Dylan McDermott. Each season follows a new premise and spans an array of horror genres like witches, ghosts, serial killers, and more.

Denis O’Hare , Emma Roberts , Dylan McDermott , Joseph Fiennes , Gabourey Sidibe , Taissa Farmiga , James Cromwell , Angela Bassett , Zachary Quinto , Sarah Paulson , Jamie Brewer , Evan Peters , Lizzie Brochere , Kathy Bates , Jessica Lange , Michael Chiklis , Connie Britton , Lily Rabe , Franches Conroy


12 “Smoldering Children”

American Horror Story: Murder House Season 1, Episode 10

“Smoldering Children” marks one of the first great twists in the AHS series. As the show jumps back and forth in time, exploring the history of the Murder House, and the relationships between those who lived there, the episode reveals a lot of details about the ghosts haunting the property, and their violent tendencies. However, the real highlight of this episode comes in the big reveal near the end when Violet tries to leave the house, only to discover that she died several episodes earlier, and has been trapped as one of the ghosts ever since.

11 “The Name Game”

American Horror Story: Asylum Season 2, Episode 10

AHS Asylum Dr Arden

AHS: Asylum was an incredibly intense season packed with abductions, secret serial killers, a mad house, aliens, and devilish possessions. But in among all the action, the tenth episode, “The Name Game,” stands out for bringing all the pieces together. With just three episodes left in the season, this episode had a difficult job of bringing all the story threads together cohesively, but it managed to do so with incredible bravado and skill. Ending with the fiery death of the corrupt Dr. Arden, along with the body of Sister Mary Eunice, finally free of her possession.


AHS: Why Every Main Character In Asylum Was Sent To Briarcliff

The main characters of American Horror Story: Asylum were sent to Briarcliff for different and unfair reasons. Let’s take a look.

10 “Bitchcraft”

American Horror Story: Coven Season 3, Episode 1

American Horror Story Emma Roberts

AHS Season 3 has one of the strongest starts of any season in the series, introducing a group of young witches, revealing their powers, and a number of compelling narrative threads that will be further explored throughout the rest of the season. From the wicked slave driver, Delphine LaLaurie, to the competing young witches, and hinting at a new Supreme witch being set to appear, this episode does a lot of groundwork for Coven. The dynamics between the witches are also highly engaging, as they are forced into a close relationship through trauma.

9 “Orphans”

American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4, Episode 10

Pepper and Ma Petite in American Horror Story: Freak Show

“Orphans” is one of the most emotional episodes of AHS, with several characters meeting a sad and lonely end at the hands of a treacherous conman. When Pepper’s husband, Salty, passes away, Stanley (Denis O’Hare) suggests he can take care of the body, and respectfully have it cremated. However, he sells their head, as well as bodies and limbs from some of the other circus members to a museum of curiosities. This episode also features a crossover with the earlier season, Asylum, when Pepper is sent to Briarcliff and Mary Eunice appears.

8 “Devil’s Night”

American Horror Story: Hotel Season 5, Episode 4

Hotel was one of the more shaky seasons of AHS, with the season taking some time to find its footing. However, episode 4, “Devil’s Night,” was a highlight as it brought together a group of deceased serial killers to the Hotel Cortez, led by the mysterious James March. The protagonist for the season, John Lowe, finds himself on the guest list, and the plot thickens for the rest of the series, exploring murder mysteries and a thin veil between the living and the dead in the Hotel Cortez.

7 “Chapter 6”

American Horror Story: Roanoke Season 6, Episode 6

Matt and Shelby smiling in American Horror Story Roanoke

As much as Hotel struggled to find it’s footing, Roanoke was one of the weakest in the series overall. Partway through the season, there is a sudden shift in the retelling of events, and the original people who were involved in the incidents are all brought together in the Roanoke house to record a special episode. The dynamics shift as actors and the people they were playing meet, and everyone comes to learn the truth about what is happening in the woods around the house.


American Horror Story: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Roanoke

American Horror Story Roanoke had some phenomenal thrills and scares… but it also has a few nonsensical elements.

6 “Mid-Western Assassin”

American Horror Story: Cult Season 7, Episode 6

American Horror Story Cult Meadow

Cult is one of the seasons that is so full of twists and turns thanks to the charismatic cult leader Kai, and his loyal supporters weaving numerous narratives as they see fit. In episode 6, it appears that the tides may turn and Ally could get the upper hand against the terrifying man who seems to be carefully orchestrating her demise. The episode has several reveals, but the ending sharply turns the show on it’s head as the truth about Meadow remaining loyal to Kai is revealed. This season and this episode especially are mind-bending, and dark, but incredibly satisfying.

5 “Return To Murder House”

American Horror Story: Apocalypse Season 8, Episode 6

Madison Montgomery

In a season that felt like a departure from many of the earlier stories, the episode “Return to Murder House” is the most connected episode of the entire show. Stepping away from the regular events of the apocalypse, Madison from Coven returns, as she interviews the ghosts of the Murder House. The episode seamlessly ties together several seasons, providing the answer to who caused the apocalypse in this season, and revealing how the series may not be as disconnected as it initially seems.

4 “Final Girl”

American Horror Story: 1984 Season 9, Episode 9

AHS 1984

1984 paid tribute to the classic slasher movies of the 80s, with a story that had many similarities with Friday the 13th. However, the final episode of the season sets it apart from the inspiration as shows a “happy” ending which is had by young Bobby Richter. Having lost his mother decades before, Bobby gets mysterious checks sent out to him regularly and decides to visit Camp Redwood for answers. The episode reveals the work being done by the ghosts to keep the dangerous monsters in the camp at bay, and it’s a deeply satisfying conclusion to the season.

3 “Gaslight”

American Horror Story: Double Feature Season 10, Episode 5

A young girl holding a teddy bear in AHS: Double Feature

Double Feature was one of the worst seasons of AHS, with two separate stories divided over each half of season 10. The first half had some promise, and going into the penultimate episode, it provided several reveals that made a big impression. However, the rest of the season nosedived, both the final part and the second story. In episode 5, the truth about the pills is exposed to Doris, who is unable to tolerate them like her husband and daughter. After giving birth, she becomes like the pale people of Provincetown, and meets her end alone and inhuman.


American Horror Story: Every Cultural Reference In Double Feature

In typical Ryan Murphy fashion, American Horror Story: Double Feature draws from timeless stories that came before it, adding to the compelling show.

2 “The Body”

American Horror Story: NYC Season 11, Episode 6

AHS NYC Blackout

In AHS: NYC, the show weaved together a narrative of danger, death and disease predominantly affecting young gay men in New York City. After several mysterious incidents and accidents that appear connected, and the presence of some dangerous people in the community, “The Body” finally provides some answers as it links the characters at the center of the action together. The episode felt tense and dangerous, but it also set up the conflict that would lead to solving the mystery in the following episodes.

1 “Vanishing Twin”

American Horror Story: Delicate Season 12, Episode 4

American Horror Story season 12 has only released the first five episodes so far, but there is already a clear front-runner. Delicate is an eerie story about pregnancy, fame, and manipulation. The story follows Anna Victoria Alcott as she seemingly spirals out of control, but there are hidden figures pulling the strings and putting her off balance. In “Vanishing Twin,” the intensity builds to new heights with Anna finding out her baby is still alive, details about dark satanic rituals involving childbirth are revealed throughout history, and Anna is entering into such a deal unwittingly.

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