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The Bachelor’s Jess Edwards Finally Reveals If She Apologized To Maria For Bullying Behavior


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  • Jess Edwards claims that she apologized for her bullying behavior towards Maria on The Bachelor season 28, but it was not shown on the episode.
  • Jess admits that her emotions and anger got the best of her, and she regrets her actions.
  • Jess reminds viewers that the Bachelor contestants are more than just characters on a screen, but humans with real emotions.



The Bachelor season 28’s Jess Edwards bullied Maria Georgas during episode 5, but she now reveals that she apologized to her, but it wasn’t aired on the show. Jess was upset with Maria because Maria already had a rose from a group date, but she still stole Joey Graziadei to speak to him during the rose ceremony cocktail party. The argument escalated into Jess telling Maria that she was “disrepectful” and calling her a “b****.” Jess followed in the footsteps of Sydney Gordon and Lea Cayanan, who also targeted Maria for seemingly no real reason. Maria was so upset about being bullied that she almost self-eliminated at the end of episode 4.

In an Instagram story, Jess shared a photograph of herself and her fellow Bachelor season 28 contestants, including Maria, explaining that she did apologize for her actions. She wrote, “In regards to Tuesday’s episode, it was definitely a hard watch.” Jess said, “I do not condone bullying, name calling, etc. and apologies were made immediately.” She explained that the women are watching the show back for the first time, and “it is very hard to see things not play out to their full extent.”


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Jess Edwards Let “Emotions & Anger” Get The Best Of Her

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Jess Edwards' Instagram Apology Screen Shot

Jess went on to say that her emotions took over on the night that she bullied Maria. She explained, “In the moment I was upset about losing time on multiple occasions due to drama. Although it’s no excuse, I let built up emotions & anger get the best of me & I do regret that whole heartedly.” Jess concluded by asking viewers to “please remember there are many conversations during and after filming that only we are aware of. We are more [than] just characters on your screen, we are humans with real emotions and feelings. Thank you!”

Jess’ extreme reaction to Maria on The Bachelor season 28 episode 5 was puzzling because it seemed to come out of nowhere. Jess seemed to be jumping on the bandwagon of bullying Maria that Sydney had started, and Lea had continued after Sydney was eliminated. In fact, Katelyn DeBacker, the woman from whom Maria stole Joey, was completely unbothered by Maria’s actions. Jess seemed especially hypocritical because, on premiere night, she had stolen Joey away for a second conversation after she bragged to the other women that they’d shared the first kiss of the season. However, it’s good to see that Jess is taking some accountability for her actions.

Both Jess and Maria have implied on social media that there is more to the story that wasn’t shown on television. The Bachelor season 28 “Women Tell All” episode is sure to be a wild ride. However, it’s disappointing to think that the producers chose not to air an apology from Jess, if she’s telling the truth that she gave Maria one. Jess is right that the women are more than just characters who’ve been created by the Bachelor producers. However, they can’t deny what they actually did and said on the show. All they can do now is apologize when it’s necessary. Jess is definitely taking a step in the right direction.

The Bachelor season 28 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Sources: Jess Edwards/Instagram, Jess Edwards/Instagram

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