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The 10 Best Alien Documentaries to Stream Right Now


by Xtreme HD IPTV

In recent years, we have seen increasingly more disclosures around the UFO and alien phenomenon, and last year, we went from grainy infrared pilot videos to a Congressional hearing where a whistleblower, a former intelligence officer, David Grusch, revealed to Congress and the American public that the government was in possession of multiple crafts and “non-human” bodies. Since the disclosure of the Naval pilot videos in 2017, we have seen an increase in UFO and alien documentaries examining the evidence and informing us of both the facts about sightings and the implications of why these beings will not reveal themselves publicly or help humanity.



Now, with Grusch’s confirmation of black budget programs and extraterrestrial or extradimensional entities, the first in the next wave of UFO documentaries has landed on Tubi with TMZ’s three-part miniseries, UFO Revolution. Including UFO Revolution, we have gathered ten alien documentaries we feel are both serious and informative about the history of the topic and will give you a whole gallery of rabbit holes to venture down.

10 Above Top Secret: The Technology Behind Disclosure (2022)

In Above Top Secret, Dr. Steven Greer takes the angle of why the alien technology the government and aerospace companies have is being suppressed, keeping the planet from becoming a level-1 civilization. Greer believes the government has reverse-engineered alien tech or hidden human-created discoveries which would revolutionize the planet. Greer’s argument is that this technology is being kept secret to maintain the power of the elite – power that is derived from the world’s population needing them, needing cars, needing planes, needing clean water, and needing fossil fuels as well as solar and wind energy.

Global Implications of Secret Tech

Once we accept that the government has in its possession exotic technology, allegedly from alien craft, we have to then understand that this technology means human pilots can already conduct interstellar travel to search for new worlds for humanity to spread to (which would end all conflict over resources, land, and politics), but it also means they have technology that would allow Earth to have infinite, free energy. This would bring down industries that generate trillions of dollars from transportation and energy production. The cost of living would go down dramatically, and the whole modern paradigm would collapse because it is driven on the temporary status of all commodities and utilities.

One of the new observations in this documentary is the allegation that the government has given the alien/UFO technologies to private corporations, who are then able to shield the programs from freedom of information requests and investigations from Congress – meaning the corporations have become a shadow government receiving tax revenues, laundered through the federal budget, without oversight from our elected government.

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9 Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton (2015)

In the fall of 1975, in Snowflake, Arizona, a crew of loggers stayed out in the woods late, trying to catch up on their contract, and did not depart the site until dark. Driving through the hills, the men witnessed a glow over a hill. They assumed it was a forest fire and continued on the road, but when they came to the source of the light, they saw a saucer hovering over a clearing.

The driver, Mike Rogers, stopped the truck, and his friend, Travis Walton, instinctively jumped out of the truck and rushed up to get a closer look. The craft hit Walton with a beam of light and threw him several feet. The men, assuming their friend was dead, fled. When Rogers returned alone to retrieve Walton’s body, Walton was gone, and he remained missing for five days, through an extensive search of the forests. After five days, Walton returned, and through hypnosis, he was able to recover memories of the abduction.

The Most Widely Believed Abduction

This documentary is the best documentary about the abduction of Travis Walton; features interviews with the witnesses, and reviews the sequence of events that occurred on the night Walton went missing and in the days after. This is the most widely believed instance of an alien abduction on record. The multiple witnesses, lie detector tests, failed searches for Walton, and the spontaneous return of Walton all build a strong case that something out of this world happened in 1975. The Walton case was made into a movie in 1993, Fire in the Sky, starring Robert Patrick (as Mike Rogers) and D.B. Sweeney (as Travis Walton), and it is the scariest alien movie still.

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8 Shock Docs: The Visitors (2022)

In episode four of season two of Shock Docs, the Whitley Strieber story is told, featuring reenactments of the abductions, audio from Strieber’s hypnosis sessions, and new interviews with Strieber, who recounts his abductions for the first time in 30 years. Among the abduction stories in our list, Strieber’s had the furthest reach in informing the public of the alien abduction, and specifically, the gray alien phenomenon.

Strieber, a horror author, wrote a book, titled, Communion, which was made into a movie of the same title in 1989, starring Christopher Walken. Strieber was a successful author with no need to cook up a fake-true story to sell a novel. He could have sold Communion as fiction, even if he believed it was real, but he took the bold step of writing it and promoting it as the truth.

Strieber Took Alien Abductions Mainstream

Before Communion, there was little knowledge of these abductions among the majority of the public or of the description of the creatures, with their large black eyes, small noses and jaws, and slender bodies. Communion was a turning point for thousands of people who had experienced similar abductions and lived alone with their secrets. The book was their first realization that they were not hallucinating or dreaming these encounters. Communion was followed in 1997 by a book about the people who contacted Strieber with their own stories, titled, The Communion Letters.

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7 Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers (2018)

In Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers, Jeremy Corbell looks at the story of Bob Lazar, the physicist who worked at Area 51 and came forward anonymously in 1989 via a television interview, claiming the government had nine saucer-like alien craft that used anti-gravitational technology, and which the government was attempting to reverse engineer. The documentary begins with the unfolding of a federal raid on Lazar’s business and home following Corbell’s visit with him. The documentary features multiple past interviews as well as new material with Lazar in which he illustrates how the UFOs worked.

The Only Account of Anti-gravity Propulsion

Each thread that we pull unties another knot. Bob Lazar might be the most important individual in the whole story, and this documentary is all about Lazar and his allegations. Some of Lazar’s claims appear to have been confirmed by David Grusch, and Lazar’s description of how the mechanics of the gravitational engines operate line up with the alleged workings of the Nazi bell. The raid conducted in the documentary is speculated by Corbell to have been motivated by the suspicion that Lazar stole and is currently in possession of a piece of element 115. The exotic element is alleged by Lazar to be the source of the anti-gravity effect used by saucer craft, allowing them to defy aerodynamics, fly effortlessly and accelerate at speeds beyond the capability of our fighter jets.

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6 Shock Docs: Alien Abduction: Betty and Barney Hill (2022)

Shock Docs again delivers a well-produced documentary, in episode two of the third season, with reenactments and audio from the hypnosis sessions of the abduction victims. The story began on September 19, 1961. Betty and Barney Hill were on their way home from their honeymoon, passing through Lancaster, New Hampshire. A saucer-shaped craft hovered over the highway in front of the couple, and Barney exited the car, to look at the craft with binoculars. He became frightened, returned to the car and sped away. The Hills then experienced a loss of time. In hypnosis sessions, the Hills recovered terrifying memories of an abduction that occurred during their blackout.

The First Abduction

The abduction of Betty and Barney Hill is the earliest on record, and signals the beginning of an era of abductions that would continue until the 21st century. The Hill story would establish the motifs of many encounters that would follow over the decades – the gray aliens, forced medical experiments while awake, fluid and DNA samples being collected, loss of time, and recovery of memories through hypnosis.

While abductions have been reported less in the last 20 years, this may be the result of a generational shift to self-censorship (self-awareness), with the suggestion, disseminated through media, that they are simply a medical event known as sleep paralysis and hallucinations between waking and sleeping states.

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5 Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation (2019)

Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation is a six-episode documentary series, with each episode running just over 40 minutes. The series includes interviews with multiple fighter pilots and other Naval personnel and infrared video that was released in 2017 by the government. All six episodes are currently available for free on YouTube. The documentary series is presented by the controversial Luis Elizondo, who led an eight-year internal investigation for the US government into the UFOs that pilots had recorded. Elizondo left his position and came forward to the media about the dead ends he ran into when trying to find the truth of what these craft are.

The involvement of Elizondo, Steve Justice, former director of Advanced Systems Development at Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works, Hal Puthoff, former CIA scientist, and Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, gives this documentary series serious weight behind it.

Declassification or Disinformation?

Elizondo argues that these craft are a danger to national security, which is why others in the field accuse him of actively working as an agent for the government to control the narrative. Despite Elizondo’s view of UFOs as a threat, the documentary series gives us some of the most reliable eyewitness accounts on record, and gives us a timeline of the recent history of the government’s encounters with UFOs.

The community around the alien subject is ironically skeptical of the motives of any messengers from within the government that come forward with real evidence like Elizondo. Other researchers and journalists object to the message that these craft are a threat to our security and thus necessitate more black budget funding because they believe the craft are in fact our own ships built on said tax money.

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4 UFO (2021)

Showtime’s documentary, UFO, is a four-part documentary series with episodes between 40 and 50 minutes each in length. UFO covers the wider history of UFO sightings and the government programs investigating them, from Project Blue Book to the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). The documentary features high-profile interviews with Harry Reid, former Chief Radar Operator on USS Princeton, Kevin Day, and journalist, Leslie Kean.

Ouroboros — When the Snake Eats Its Own Tail

UFO is the perfect entry point for someone new to the world of alien documentaries. It gives you a review of the biggest moments in the history of the government’s involvement with UFO sightings and crashes, but it also presents the views of the skeptics more than any other on the list. In the second part, UFO does a deep dive into the formation of AATIP, the funding passed by former Senator Harry Reid, and the principal players in AATIP’s research. The series turns its attention in the third part to Luis Elizondo and AATIP, and examines the possibility that it is all a psy-op to convince the public that the government does not have these craft.

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3 Encounters (2023)

Encounters is the latest documentary series on aliens from Netflix, following their 2021 documentary series, Top Secret: UFO Projects Declassified. Encounters is a four-part series, with each episode running about 50 minutes. The series is focused on UFO and alien sightings with multiple witnesses. Each episode looks at one event, and each is set on a different continent: North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. The stories include reenactments of the encounters, with the actual witnesses playing themselves in some episodes.

Shared Encounters

This documentary series gives us modern stories of encounters with numerous witnesses, who appear in each episode to discuss their experiences. Each of these stories are lesser known than the abduction stories on our list, and while these encounters were non-threatening to the witnesses, the stories are nevertheless unsettling.

The first episode tells the story of the mass-witness UFO sighting near Stephenville, Texas, in 2008. The second episode is about an event in 1994 in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, in which dozens of school children had an encounter of the third kind, witnessing an alien at close range. The third episode is about the 1977 Broad Haven UFO and aliens that were seen in the community. The fourth episode is about UFOs seen by hundreds before and after the Fukushima meltdown in Japan.

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2 In Search of Aliens: WWII Time Travel Warfare (2014)

Can we really make this list without an entry with Ancient Aliens host, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos? The ancient aliens theories have become a meme – Tsoukalos has become a meme, but that does not mean the ufologist has not turned over some interesting stones over the years. In Search of Aliens was a single-season series of 10 episodes in 2014, and the second episode focused on the Nazi bell, die glocke, which the Germans were developing as an anti-gravity or warp engine during the war.

The bell was alleged to be filled with a liquid metal (ferrofluid) which was spun within the bell via magnetic forces, creating a gravity-warping effect. The device was supposed to be the engine for the Nazi’s flying saucer. It went missing after the war, and it is speculated the American forces took it, in addition to taking thousands of Nazi scientists, under Operation Paperclip, to work on the American space program.

History Altering Events

Following David Grusch’s claims that a UFO crashed in Italy in 1933 and was taken by the Nazis, this documentary has become the second most important on the list behind UFO Revolution. This changes our view of history and casts doubt on the motives of the Japanese in preemptively attacking the US, the US forces going to Europe first instead of Japan, and why it was not enough to simply negotiate a surrender of German forces, but rather invade the country. The US and Russia were after what the Germans had recovered. And if the Nazis had not been stopped when they were, they may have been the first to develop a nuclear weapon and more – all of history would be on a different track.

The Nazi bell represents how close the Nazi’s had gotten to reverse engineering the propulsion system of the UFO they recovered. When this documentary was made, Tsoukalos had no knowledge of the 1933 story, but he speculates about a 1936 story that the Nazis had recovered a crashed craft in the Black Forest. Did the Nazis already have two craft before the beginning of the war? Was this secret what drove the Nazis’ hubris in the war, or were they driven mad with paranoia that their adversaries were going to preemptively attack Germany if they did not strike first? This story predates Roswell and creates more questions than answers for UFO journalists.

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1 TMZ Presents: UFO Revolution (2024)

The first episode of UFO Revolution went live on January 9th of this year. The second and third episodes followed in the two days after. Each episode is about an hour long. The miniseries centers around Jeremy Corbell’s involvement with the 2023 hearings, and his journey to becoming a journalist and focusing on aliens. It begins in the present, with David Grusch’s revelations and works its way back to the past of UFO whistleblowers, briefly reviewing Bob Lazar’s claims in 1989.

The Truth is Out

If you have not been on top of the topic, or you just did not watch the hearings last year, you need to immediately watch this documentary. The content from Grusch’s testimony is world-changing. He goes beyond just confirming the existence of UFOs; he talks about events where people have been physically injured by these alien craft and that the American government has been reverse engineering these physics-warping ships. The documentary is not without new revelations. Corbell shows never-before-seen infrared footage taken over a war zone by American forces of what is known as a jellyfish UFO, which resembles an imperial probe droid from Star Wars, with mechanical arms hanging from the bottom of the craft.

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