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Suits Spin-Off Casts Arrowverse Star as Lead L.A. Lawyer


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  • Suits L.A.
    is a new series set in the same universe as the original show, focusing on a group of lawyers in Los Angeles.
  • Former
    star Stephen Amell will lead the cast as Ted Black, a former federal prosecutor who reinvents himself representing powerful clients.
  • Suits L.A.
    is not a reboot or sequel, but a new story within the same universe with new characters and conflicts. The original show’s creator, Aaron Korsh, is returning as producer.

The Suits universe is ready for a new expansion with Suits L.A., a new series set in the same universe as the original show, which will have former Arrowverse star Stephen Amell as the lead character.

Although it was very successful and acclaimed at the time, the popularity of the series created by Aaron Korsh grew after its arrival in the Netflix catalog, quickly becoming one of the most viewed shows on the platform and occupying the top positions in the top ten of several countries. Taking advantage of this renewed interest in the series, Korsh and NBC announced a new project related to the franchise, moving the action to Los Angeles.



Release Date
June 23, 2011



Deadline confirmed on Tuesday that Stephen Amell, known for his portrayal of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow in Arrow, has been chosen to lead the cast of this new story that will once again focus on a group of lawyers who are mainly dedicated to the entertainment industry. Amell’s character, Ted Black, is described as “a charismatic force of nature who puts his own needs above others. Fifteen years ago, the former New York prosecutor joined forces with his old buddy, Stuart Lane, to build an L.A. law firm that specializes in criminal and entertainment law.”

This is the second major project of Amell’s career since the end of Arrow in 2020, besides Heels, the Starz drama set in the world of wrestling that was canceled last year after the debut of its second season. On February 28, Netflix will release Code 8: Part II, the sequel to the 2019 science fiction film in which he stars alongside his cousin and fellow Arrowverse star, Robbie Amell.

What to Expect from SUITS L.A.

The cast of Suits in black-and-white.
USA Network

The outlet also offered new details about the plot of the new show:

“Suits L.A. centers on Ted Black (Amell), a former federal prosecutor from New York, who has reinvented himself representing the most powerful clients in Los Angeles. His firm is at a crisis point, and in order to survive he must embrace a role he held in contempt his entire career. Ted is surrounded by a group of characters who test their loyalties to both Ted and each other while they can’t help but mix their personal and professional lives. All of this is going on while events from years ago slowly unravel that led Ted to leave behind everything and everyone he loved.”



Did Suits Have a Proper Ending and Why Was it So Abrupt?

Thanks to its popularity and longevity, Suits is still dominating ratings years after it was canceled. So, why did it seemingly end so abruptly?

Suits L.A. is not a reboot or sequel to the original series, but simply a new story that takes place within the same universe with new characters and conflicts. Korsh returns as producer, along with David Bartis, Doug Liman and Gene Klein, who were EPs with him on the original series.

This is the second attempt to expand the Suits universe after the ending of the show. The first one was Pearson, a series that was canceled after a single season and focused on Jessica Pearson, the popular character played by Gina Torres in the original series.

Suits is currently streaming on Netflix.

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