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Stranger Things’ Most Underused Storyline Could Fuel A Future Spinoff


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  • Kali is the most underused character in Stranger Things and deserves her own spinoff to explain her backstory and life.
  • A spinoff could reveal more about Kali’s powers, her childhood, and her time with Brenner, providing insight into her motivations.
  • It would be best for a Kali spinoff to happen after Stranger Things ends, potentially featuring the same actress and exploring various directions for her character.



Because Stranger Things is nearly at its end, with season 5 being released in 2025, there are many theories about how the sci-fi series will continue on past its series finale, and in fact, there is one Stranger Things plot line that could definitely spawn a spinoff series. Stranger Things is a sci-fi drama series that has been streaming on Netflix since its premiere in 2016. The series takes place in the fictional Hawkins, Indiana, in the 1980s, where a string of unusual events such as the disappearance of a young boy prompts a group of people to start investigating what exactly is going on in their town.

When it comes to Stranger Things spinoffs, there are a lot of directions that the show could go in, and it seems likely that those paths will only increase once the series actually ends. For now though, there are some fairly obvious routes. Stranger Things spinoffs could follow certain origin stories centering on the series’ adult characters, or the show could be set in the future, following the teen characters as they grow up. There are also side characters that could use a show of their own. In fact, there is one character that was barely used at all, and therefore, could definitely use some further explanation.

Stranger Things season 5 will not be released until 2025. There is no word about whether it will split into parts as of yet.

Stranger Things Season 2’s Kali Storyline Has Been Underused Throughout The Show

The most underused and mysterious character in Stranger Things is Kali, and therefore, she is very deserving of a Stranger Things spinoff. Kali appeared only once in the series’ four seasons in what is considered the worst episode of all, “The Lost Sister.” In “The Lost Sister,” Eleven travels to Chicago, Illinois and finds Kali, who was also experimented on by Brenner. The two, because of their shared trauma, consider themselves sisters. Over the course of the episode, Kali teaches Eleven how to hone her powers through her anger, then persuades her to kill a man. However, Eleven does not go through with it, and returns to Hawkins.

The reason why Kali’s episode is considered the worst of Stranger Things is the same reason why she deserves a spinoff above other characters. “The Lost Sister” teases audiences with a different life for people like Eleven, but quickly takes that possibility away, never to be seen again. There is little to no explanation about Kali’s everyday life, her past, or her gang. All in all, there is a lot of potential story when it comes to Kali, and Stranger Things has yet to tap into it beyond “The Lost Sister.” In this way, a spinoff could answer any number of questions and continue the story.

A Stranger Things Spinoff Could Give More Insight Into Kali’s Backstory & Life

Linnea Berthelsen as Kali in Stranger Things season 2,

If Kali received a Stranger Things spinoff, the show could reveal more about who Kali is and where she came from. “The Lost Sister” only revealed so much about Kali. Audiences know that she is telekinetic like Eleven, and has the ability to project thoughts and images into other people’s minds. It is also revealed that she uses anger as her source of power and inspiration, which says quite a bit about her mental state. Ultimately, Kali is a powerful yet vengeful and perhaps bitter person. Beyond this, there is very little else that Stranger Things has revealed.

However, a spinoff could definitely fill in the blanks. A Kali spinoff could show her childhood before she was taken in by Brenner. It could also explore her time with Brenner, perhaps with cameos by a young Eleven or Henry Creel. And finally, it could delve into how she created her gang and what her overarching motives are. Depending on how Stranger Things season 5 ends, Kali’s spinoff could even take place after the events of Stranger Things, and show how Kali gets over her resentment of Brenner. Either way, “The Lost Sister” gives so little that a spinoff could go in any number of directions.

How A Spinoff Centered On Eleven’s Sister Could Work

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) looking quizzical in Stranger Things season 4.

It would likely be best if a spinoff based on Kali happened after Stranger Things finished. For one thing, there is no word on whether Kali could come back in Stranger Things. “The Lost Sister” is so notorious for being out of place in the greater series that it would almost make sense for Kali to return in the end to help Vecna. Therefore, it would make sense for a Kali spinoff, or any Stranger Things spinoff, to happen after Stranger Things. The series could also use the same actress who played Kali. Once again, the opportunities are endless with this potential project.

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