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Sorry, Red Eye – This Is The Only Cillian Murphy Movie The Oppenheimer Star Admits to Rewatching


by Xtreme HD IPTV

Cillian Murphy might not be a big fan of Red Eye, his 2005 airplane-set thriller with Rachel McAdamswhich we totally love, BTW—but there is one movie in his decades-spanning filmography that he is more than happy to rewatch. 

While promoting his follow-up to Oppenheimer, the Netflix drama Small Things Like These, the Irish actor sat down with Variety, where he discussed the upcoming new entry to the 28 Days Later franchise. Director Danny Boyle, screenwriter Alex Garland and star Murphy will reunite for 28 Years Later, though the latter has so far only signed on as a producer on the long-awaited horror sequel, leaving fans wondering if he will reprise his role as Jim in the movie. Now Murphy has divulged that although, like most actors, he never rewatches the movies he stars in, he makes an exception for 28 Days Later. He told the outlet:  

I never watch my own films, except that one. It’s always on around Halloween and during the pandemic people were constantly sending me clips. And I’ve shown it to my kids. And it’s really stood up, even though it’s something like 23 years old now. So I’m really thrilled that we’ll get the band back together to makes this one.

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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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