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Soldier Boy Is Worse Than Homelander & 1 The Boys Season 3 Scene Proved It


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  • Soldier Boy’s refusal to be emotionally swayed by his familial connection to Homelander proves that he is scarier and more intimidating.
  • While Homelander may have an advantage in powers, Soldier Boy’s durability and mind games give him the ability to defeat him.
  • If Soldier Boy returns in Season 4, he will likely be an even darker and scarier villain than Homelander, with unwavering beliefs and decisions.



One scene from The Boys season 3 proves that Soldier Boy is worse than Homelander. After dropping only a few references to Soldier Boy in its initial seasons, The Boys finally introduced him in season 3 when Butcher and the boys break into the Russian military facility where he was held captive. Although the boys released him with the hope that he would help them kill Homelander, Soldier Boy had a mission of his own: serve justice to the ones who wronged him.

To ensure that Soldier Boy helped them with their plan, Butcher and the boys helped him with his mission of killing the former members of his supe team, Payback. Soldier Boy, too, promised to keep his word of killing Homelander. Not everything eventually went as planned in The Boys season 3, and the boys had to formulate a new plan to put Soldier Boy back to sleep. However, in all these moments of action and shocking revelations surrounding Soldier Boy’s story arc, one The Boys season 3 scene established that Soldier Boy is scarier than Homelander.


The Boys Season 3’s Ending Subtly Made Soldier Boy Much Weaker

The Boys season 3 finale might have hinted that Soldier Boy has lost his powers with a subtle detail included in the episode’s twist ending…

Soldier Boy’s Reaction To His Relationship With Homelander Makes Him Scarier

Soldier Boy’s establishes his dominance over Homelander in The Boys season 3

Instead of succumbing to his emotions, Soldier Boy walks up to Homelander and tells him exactly what his own father would often say to him: “You are a f**king disappointment.

Soldier Boy nearly kills Homelander in The Boys season 3’s Herogasm fight. However, instead of being infuriated by his defeat, Homelander has a change of heart towards Soldier Boy when he learns that he is his biological father. After committing several ruthless acts of violence throughout the season, Homelander suddenly drops his guard and puts up an emotionally vulnerable demeanor. Despite proudly calling himself Soldier Boy’s upgrade before the Herogasm fight, Homelander asks him to join forces with him. He sheds a tear or two and even introduces him to his grandson, Ryan. However, to his dismay, Soldier Boy remains unaffected.

Instead of succumbing to his emotions, Soldier Boy walks up to Homelander and tells him exactly what his own father would often say to him: “You are a f**king disappointment.” The fact that Soldier Boy refuses to be emotionally swayed by his newfound familial connection and does not think twice before rejecting Homelander’s offer proves that he is far more intimidating than Homelander. While Homelander struggles to grapple with the harsh reality of his relationship with Soldier Boy and buries his hate for his biological father, Soldier Boy remains steadfast in his principles, scarily exposing Homelander’s vulnerabilities and establishing his dominance over him.

The Boys Season 3 Proves Soldier Boy Can Defeat Homelander

Soldier Boy has a secret weapon against Homelander after The Boys season 3

Soldier Boy and Homelander in The Boys

Considering how Soldier Boy had to team up with Butcher and Hughie to take down Homelander in The Boys season 3, Homelander is likely stronger than him. When it comes to durability, however, Soldier Boy may be levels above Homelander, given how he is immune to everything from radiation poisoning to psychic mind control. Speaking of radiation, his radiation beams could likely kill Homelander. However, he takes a little too long to charge them, giving Homelander enough time to defend himself. Overall, when it comes to their powers, Homelander has a clear advantage because he can fly. However, season 3 proves Soldier Boy has already won the mental battle.

Soldier Boy can always return to giving Homelander the familial affection he craves just to get in his head. Once Homelander is weak and vulnerable enough to fall for Soldier Boy’s mind games, Soldier Boy can use it to his advantage. This gives Soldier Boy a significant edge over Homelander, proving he can defeat him. Even if Homelander initially refuses to give in to Soldier Boy’s psychological warfare in a one-on-one showdown, Soldier Boy’s durability will allow him to stand his ground and eventually convince Homelander that he wants to accept his season 3 offer. Just when Homelander becomes hesitant, Soldier Boy can exploit his emotional instability to kill him.

The Boys‘ first three seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video for streaming.

Soldier Boy’s Return In The Boys Season 4 Can Make Him An Even Darker Villain

The Boys season 3 sets up Soldier Boy as a darker and scarier villain for future seasons

Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in Gen V

Homelander’s ability to have empathy towards his family proves that he is not devoid of humanity. He tipped off too far into the dark side in The Boys season 3 and will further descend into immorality in season 4. However, his affection for Ryan and his emotional fragility in season 3 affirm that he can still be convinced or manipulated into changing his ways. Soldier Boy, in contrast, emerges as an unyielding figure in The Boys season 3 whose beliefs and decisions cannot be influenced by any external forces. Therefore, if Soldier Boy returns in The Boys season 4, he will likely be an even darker and scarier villain than Homelander.

The Boys Season 4 Poster

The Boys

The Boys is a superhero/dark comedy satire series created by Eric Kripke based on the comic series of the same name. Set in a “what-if” world that reveres superheroes as celebrities and gods who experience minimal repercussions for their actions. However, one group of vigilantes headed by a vengeance-obsessed man named Billy Butcher will fight back against these super-charged “heroes” to expose them for what they are.

Release Date
July 26, 2019

Elisabeth Shue , Jensen Ackles , Goran Visnjic , Jessie T. Usher , Chace Crawford , Dominique McElligott , Laz Alonso , Nathan Mitchell , Aya Cash , Colby Minifie , Karl Urban , Erin Moriarty , Karen Fukuhara , Jack Quaid , Antony Starr , claudia doumit , Tomer Capon


Story By
Garth Ennis

Eric Kripke

The Boys

Erin Moriarty , Karen Fukuhara , Karl Urban , Jack Quaid , Eric Kripke

Eric Kripke

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