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SNL Brought Back The Barry Gibb Talk Show, And For Once, Jimmy Fallon Wasn’t The One Trying Not To Laugh


by Xtreme HD IPTV

Jimmy Fallon accomplished way more than most cast members during his fantastic six season run on Saturday Night Live. He hosted Weekend Update. He developed several long-running characters fans looked forward to seeing. By the end, he was easily one of the show’s most recognizable faces, and yet, if you were to ask many fans about his tenure, chances are most would probably bring up his propensity to laugh in sketches. As brilliant and magnetic as the comedian was and still remains, he developed a reputation because of several high profile giggly moments. Well, let the record show he appeared in a sketch on SNL last night that easily could have gone south and was an absolute pro.

The sketch in question was The Barry Gibb Talk Show, which is, perhaps, Fallon’s most well-liked recurring bit. In it, he and Justin Timberlake, playing Barry and Robin Gibb, interview thought leader style guests and ask them political questions while singing in their trademark falsetto voices. The whole thing is utterly absurd, and you can tell, during several moments, Timberlake and host Dakota Johnson are actively trying not to laugh, which was picked up on by many YouTube commenters. Each let out at least one little laugh and are rocking a nervous, on the edge of losing it smile at other moments, but Fallon keeps it together throughout the whole hilarious runtime. You can check out the magic below…

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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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