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Signs Harry Clark Will Win Based On Season 1 Traitor Wilfred Webster


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  • Like Wilfred, Harry has successfully integrated with the Faithful and made connections.
  • Harry is better at keeping his emotions in check and being cutthroat than Wilfred.
  • Harry has faced less suspicion than Wilfred throughout the game, but he doesn’t have the same strong alliance.



The Traitors UK season 2’s Harry Clark has been playing a masterful game like The Traitors UK season 1’s final Traitor Wilfred Webster, but can Harry use similar tactics to get a win, unlike Wilfred? After its inaugural season, Wilfred was one of the biggest names to come out of The Traitors UK. Playing a Traitor game from the very beginning, Wilfred was able to convince every single Faithful that he was one of them while making some incredibly cutthroat moves in the game. Taking out more than one of his fellow Traitors, Wilfred was able to make it to the end of The Traitors UK season 1 with ease.

Though Wilfred made it to the endgame, he was brought up as a potential Traitor at the round table by several of his castmates and it started to cause suspicion towards the very end of the game. Though the Faithful weren’t ready to take Wilfred out of the game entirely, they did start to have doubts about whether or not he was truly on their side. After being called out by Kieran Tompsett in the final days of the game, there was enough doubt on Wilfred that he was banished. Will Harry be able to escape a similar fate?


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Harry Has No Problem Banishing Those He’s Close With

The Traitors UK Season 2 Cast

While Harry and Wilfred share a lot of similarities in their games, the fact that they were both able to make themselves tremendously close to the Faithful only to stab them in the back with ease is an interesting quality. Both Traitors were able to integrate fairly seamlessly into the group of Faithful, making connections and fostering them as they moved through the game. While Wilfred’s connections with the Faithful led to him being overly emotional in the endgame, Harry has been able to make connections in the game and keep his emotions in check when he needs to be cutthroat or take someone out.

Wilfred’s Difficulty In Being Cutthroat Isn’t A Problem With Harry

While Harry and Wilfred both had cutthroat tendencies in the game, Wilfred had a far more difficult time betraying those he was close to by the end of the season. Throughout The Traitors UK season 1, Wilfred struggled with his emotions, to the point that at the endgame he thanked the Faithful for banishing him, knowing he wouldn’t have to stab them in the back. Harry, on the other hand, has been explicitly cutthroat and his emotions have only reached a boiling point once in the game. Harry was faced with emotion during the banishment of Jonny Holloway, but he’s kept himself composed throughout the rest of the season.

Harry Hasn’t Had As Much Suspicion Thrown On Him

Harry Clark The Traitors UK Season 2 Thinking

Though both Harry and Wilfred had suspicions on them during round tables and in chatter around the castle, Harry’s had far less than Wilfred throughout his time on The Traitors UK season 2. Wilfred’s season was full of perceptive Faithful who were always looking to see who the Traitors could be, working off the information they gathered week to week. Because they had so much to go off of, Wilfred had more suspicion as the game went on. While Harry has gotten some heat in the last few episodes of the series, he’s taken on far less suspicion throughout the game than Wilfred did at the endgame.

Wilfred Had People Certain He Was A Faithful Until The Very End

the traitors uk cast 2-1

While Wilfred had more suspicion on him than Harry, he had a group of Faithful who were certain he was one of them until the very end of the competition, to the point that they nearly lost the game by keeping him around. While Harry’s had less suspicion overall, he doesn’t have quite the same style of close-knit group as Wilfred initially did. While he has some Faithful on his side, Harry has been able to be quite neutral in the game, currying favor without having to have people stick up for him. If Harry continues to stay fairly under the radar, he may win The Traitors UK season 2.

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