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Sheryl Lee Ralph Discusses Moesha’s Legacy And Shares Take On The Show Not Winning Emmys Or Other Major Awards

by Xtreme HD IPTV

Before becoming Abbott Elementary’s beloved veteran educator Barbara Howard, Sheryl Lee Ralph practically raised a whole generation as high school administrator Dee Mitchell on the classic ’90s sitcom Moesha. Ralph was essentially the decade’s equivalent of Phylicia Rashad’s Claire Huxtable. And, even today, the family comedy remains a beloved part of pop culture. As Abbott‘s success continues, the Emmy winner is discussing the classic show’s legacy, and she also has an honest take on it not winning Emmys or other major awards during its run.

Sheryl Lee Ralph is one of the few performers to star in more than one successful TV show during her career, and this particular production was important. The Mitchells projected an image of a wholesome Black family during Moesha‘s six seasons on UPN. And that was during a time at which Hollywood didn’t believing majority Black casts could make money (and, in many ways, that remains the case today). Ralph got nostalgic with EW and, during the wide-ranging chat, she expressed just how cognizant she is of the spot he and her colleagues hold within the cultural zeitgeist. In doing so, she also talked about the program’s lack of big awards love:

All of us were playing these different images of Black people from different walks of life. Me as a principal of Crenshaw High who had a wholesome family unit living and working out their problems together for the whole world to see. … We didn’t win an Image award. We didn’t get nominated for an Emmy, but sometimes that’s not what you do the good work for.

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