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Rust’s Alec Baldwin Set Footage Captures Actor’s Insistence on Rapid Retakes

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  • Urgency on set led to safety lapses:
    on-set footage shows Baldwin demanding multiple retakes, leading to rushed gun handling.
  • Trial highlights lack of safety protocols: Armorer’s inexperience and pressure from Baldwin compromised set safety.
  • Responsibility debate: Contrasting views emerge on who is ultimately accountable for tragic accident on

On the set of the Western film Rust, urgency and impatience seemed to be the order of the day, as revealed in recently released footage. Alec Baldwin, playing a key role in the film, is seen emerging from a wooden shed, discharging shots from an antique pistol. His immediate demand for a retake, “One more! One more! One more! Right away! Let’s reload!” reflects an intense push for speed that would later come under scrutiny.

One more! One more! One more! Right away! Let’s reload!

According to Variety, the film’s 24-year-old armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, is currently facing trial for a tragic accident that occurred during filming. The jury was shown outtakes where Baldwin, with pistol in hand, directed the crew, underscoring the high-paced environment on set.

This footage is expected to be a focal point in Baldwin’s upcoming manslaughter trial in July, where both he and Gutierrez Reed are accused of criminal negligence leading to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The prosecution contends Baldwin’s dual role as actor and producer made him accountable for both the fatal shot and overarching management failures. Baldwin’s defense, however, maintains his involvement was purely creative, absolving him of supervisory responsibilities.


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Here are a few examples that prove that, from time to time, making a movie can go terribly wrong.

The trial has brought to light several safety lapses on set. Bryan Carpenter, a seasoned armorer serving as the state’s expert witness, highlighted instances of poor gun discipline in the behind-the-scenes videos. From a stuntman’s careless handling of a shotgun to Gutierrez Reed’s hasty reloading under Baldwin’s pressure, the footage painted a picture of a set where safety protocols were secondary to speed.

: “Rushing with firearms and telling someone to rush with firearms is not normal nor accepted. In a situation like that, when you’re getting rushed to that extent, that’s when safety starts to fall by the wayside.”

Carpenter’s testimony emphasized that rushing with firearms is a departure from normal protocol and a recipe for disaster. He pointed out that Gutierrez Reed’s reluctance to slow down the process or correct Baldwin’s handling of the weapon compromised safety.

The Weight of Responsibility: Gutierrez Reed’s Role in a Tragic Oversight

The armorer’s inexperience was noted by her lawyer, Jason Bowles, who suggested that her lack of seniority made it challenging to assert authority over an A-list actor like Baldwin. Yet, Carpenter maintained that once Gutierrez Reed accepted the armorer role, she bore the responsibility for the safety of others. Carpenter testified:

“She was attempting to not correct Mr. Baldwin, but to try to make the crew move in a more safe position.”

“It would be a difficult situation.”

“If that is not something you feel capable of doing, you should never step into the position of doing it. You have to be prepared to go home.”

David Halls, the first assistant director and the individual ultimately accountable for on-set safety, offered a contrasting view. He described the set as safe until the tragic incident and defended both Gutierrez Reed’s diligence and Baldwin’s conduct. However, Halls admitted to not taking action after two accidental discharges of blank rounds prior to Hutchins’ death, an oversight that would have grave consequences.

Halls’ testimony also clarified that he did not hand Baldwin the Colt .45 before the fatal shot, countering allegations of breaching safety protocols. He admitted to a lapse in thoroughly checking the gun but emphasized his intention to clarify the events leading to Hutchins’ death.

The trial continues to unravel the layers of responsibility and oversight on the Rust set, as the industry and the public await answers to prevent such a tragedy from recurring.

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