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Roy’s “If You’re So Smart” Line In Fargo Season 5 Oddly References A Sitcom Scene From 25 Years Ago


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  • Roy Tillman’s one-liner to Danish Graves in Fargo is a near-direct quote from an old episode of The Simpsons.
  • Despite being a reference, the “smart” quote reveals that Roy can’t handle being outsmarted and will go to great lengths to get what he wants.
  • The Simpsons quote conflicts with Roy’s Christian and conservative values, suggesting he might not have actually seen the episode.



Sheriff Roy Tillman’s sinister line to Danish Graves in Fargo season 5, episode 8, “Blanket,” is a strange callback to a 25-year-old episode of a classic sitcom. For the first time in the season, “Blanket” sees Tillman one step behind his enemies. In retaliation for Tillman blocking Lorraine’s bank purchase, Graves recruits three debtors to legally change their names to Roy Tillman and mock the real Tillman at a debate on the campaign trail. This prank leads to Tillman losing his temper in public and jeopardizing his re-election campaign.

Later that evening, Graves pays Tillman a visit at his ranch to blackmail him into freeing a captive Dot. Graves tells Tillman that he’ll send the other Roys packing if Dot is safely returned to Lorraine. But Tillman refuses to negotiate and instead shoots Graves dead. As he delivers the killshot, Tillman rattles off the one-liner, “If you’re so smart, then why are you so dead?” Whether it’s intentional or not, this line is a near-direct quote from an episode of a classic sitcom.


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Following on from last week’s cliffhanger, Fargo season 5, episode 8 is full of big reveals, from Scotty’s real father to the fate of Danish Graves.

Roy Tillman’s Line While Killing Danish In Fargo Is Similar To A Homer Quote In The Simpsons

Homer talks to a tour guide in The Simpsons

Roy’s “If you’re so smart…” line in Fargo is almost identical to a Homer Simpson quote from an old Simpsons episode. The line first appeared in The Simpsons season 11, episode 3, “Guess Who’s Coming to Criticize Dinner,” in which Homer becomes Springfield’s hottest new food critic. When Homer is chaperoning Bart and Lisa’s field trip to the offices of the local newspaper, The Springfield Shopper, the tour guide explains that the paper was founded by a 14-year-old boy named Johnny Newspaperseed. Homer quips, “If he’s so smart, how come he’s dead?

Since Fargo season 5 takes place in 2019, a full 20 years after the episode originally aired, it’s feasible that Roy has seen this Simpsons episode and is directly quoting Homer when he kills Graves. However, since the crudeness of the cartoon would conflict with Roy’s staunch Christian and conservative values, he probably never saw the episode and it’s just a case of parallel thinking. The phrase isn’t exclusively used by The Simpsons; the title of Psych season 2, episode 7 is “If You’re So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?.”

What Roy’s “Smart” Quote Says About Jon Hamm’s Character In Fargo

Danish Graves lies dead in Fargo

Despite being a Simpsons reference, Roy’s “If you’re so smart…” line to Graves in Fargo reveals a lot about his character. By bringing in three Roy Tillmans and sabotaging his campaign to be re-elected as Stark County’s constitutional sheriff, Graves outsmarted Roy, and Roy didn’t like it. Roy couldn’t handle the fact that he’d been outsmarted, or the fact that he wasn’t in control of the situation. Rather than make a deal, Roy felt he only had one option. So, in the end, his snarky line proves that he will go to great lengths to get what he wants (and get one step ahead of his enemies).

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