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Rosamund Pike’s New Thriller Movie Finally Rivals Her Most Iconic Character, 10 Years After Gone Girl


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  • Rosamund Pike’s role in “Saltburn” is being hailed as her best since “Gone Girl,” with her performance rivaling her iconic role as Amy Dunne.
  • “Saltburn” has received mixed reviews due to its controversial and uncomfortable sexual scenes, but beneath the shock value lies a story about dark motives being revealed.
  • The awards season buzz surrounding “Saltburn” is reminiscent of the acclaim Pike received for her role in “Gone Girl,” indicating that it may be her closest chance at replicating that success.



Rosamund Pike’s role in Saltburn is one of her best in years, with her performance in the new thriller movie finally rivaling her most iconic character 10 years after Gone Girl. Pike’s role as Amy Dunne in Gone Girl is absolutely legendary, with it defining her career since the film’s initial release in 2014. However, the actress has finally given another performance in Saltburn that could turn out to be just as iconic as her role in Gone Girl.

2023’s Saltburn is a new film by director Emerald Fennell, with the movie dividing audiences and critics in some major ways. Saltburn‘s twisted sexual scenes are meant to make audiences uncomfortable, but these moments have caused the film to become quite controversial. Under all of these shocking sexual moments, however, lies a story about a university student named Oliver getting close with the Catton family, with everyone’s dark motives slowly being revealed.


Saltburn Ending Explained: What Really Happened To Felix

The ending of Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn is built on a web of lies spun by Oliver Quick and reveals the twisted layers of his obsession with Felix.

Saltburn’s Lady Elspeth Is Rosamund Pike’s Greatest Movie Role Since Gone Girl

Lady Elspeth Catton (Rosamund Pike) holding a drink in Saltburn.

In Saltburn, Rosamund Pike plays Lady Elspeth Catton, and this is her greatest movie role since Gone Girl. In Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike got to play a manipulative, twisted, and evil woman, with her ruining her husbands life by faking her own death and framing it on him. Pike’s role as Amy Dunne was definitely dark, but it also had an odd sense of humor, which is why her performance in the David Fincher film has become so iconic.

Many of the aspects of Amy Dunne that make her so great can also be found in Lady Elspeth, which is why this is Rosamund Pike’s greatest movie role since Gone Girl. Lady Elspeth is the character that most closely resembles Amy Dunne in Pike’s filmography, and it’s great to see her take on a humorous but twisted role once again. Pike has given great performances since Gone Girl in projects like The Wheel of Time and I Care a Lot, but Saltburn is the closest she’s gotten to her most popular role.

Saltburn’s Awards Performance Is The Closest Pike Has Come To Replicating Her Gone Girl Success

Saltburn has been receiving a lot of buzz in the 2024 awards season, and the film’s awards performance is the closest that Rosamund Pike has come to replicating her Gone Girl success. Pike’s performance in Gone Girl was one of the best of 2014, with it being one of the most praised parts of the film. Pike received nominations at the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, and more.


Saltburn Soundtrack Guide: Every Song & When It Plays

The official soundtrack of Emerald Fennell’s dark comedy film Saltburn features a number of popular indie rock and EDM hits from the mid-2000s.

Saltburn has seen similar levels of awards season success, with Pike’s performance getting a lot of buzz. While many of the bigger awards shows have not announced their nominations yet, Rosamund Pike has already gotten nominations at several smaller awards shows. It is expected that more nominations to be revealed in the coming months, further cementing Saltburn as containing Rosamund Pike’s best movie role since Gone Girl.

Saltburn 2023 Movie Poster


Written and directed by Emerald Fennell, Saltburn is a 2023 comedy-thriller film. When Oxford student Oliver Quick is invited to his friend Felix’s family’s wealthy estate, Saltburn, for a summer vacation, he is drawn into the world of eccentric characters and increasingly chaotic events as his obsession with Felix comes to a head.

Release Date
November 17, 2023

Emerald Fennell


131 Minutes

Emerald Fennell

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer , MRC , LuckyChap Entertainment , Lie Still

Amazon MGM Studios

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