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Robin’s New Costume Is One of His Best Ever, with Armored Redesign for the Boy Wonder

by Xtreme HD IPTV

Warning! Contains Spoilers For Batman: City of Madness #3!




  • Jeyvone’s armored Robin suit is a standout with high-waisted pants and long red sleeves.
  • Jeyvone ultimately resists the Batman Below’s influence and puts Robin behind him with Bruce Wayne’s help.
  • Jeyvone’s design showcases his desire to feel protected, highlighting the importance of not every traumatized child becoming a Robin.

Each Robin has had a unique suit that they’ve brought to the table along with their personalities and skillsets. While the alternate-universe Robin from Batman: City of Madness was never destined to be Batman’s sidekick, he does get his own suit, and its armored design is a standout among what Robins usually get. While Jeyvone will never return to the role of Robin, readers can still see what he would’ve looked like in the role.

Batman: City of Madness #3 by Christian Ward and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou shows the Batman Below attempting to create his own evil Robin. In order to achieve this, Batman Below kidnaps the traumatized boy Jeyvone and forces him into a Robin suit. He then offers Jeyvone the chance to kill the man who murdered his father.

Comic book page: Jeyvone Shows Off His New Armored Robin Suit

Jeyvone ultimately resists the Batman Below’s influence with help from the true Batman, Bruce Wayne. Together, the two escape Gotham Below, and Jeyvone puts Robin behind him. This is the exact ending that Jeyvone needs, and while his Robin suit is undeniably cool with its high-waisted pants and long red sleeves, it’s best for the character that he never wears it again.


After 84 Years, Robin’s Best Stories Still Have 1 Thing in Common

84 years ago, Robin was created as a surrogate for young readers. Years later, each Robin has continued that same tradition of relating to readers.

Jeyvone’s Robin Suit Stands Out from the Classic Robin Looks

Most Robins have some form of tragedy in their life that brings them to Batman’s attention, and Jeyvone is no different. Jeyvone’s father was brutally murdered by a corrupt cop, and he seeks revenge. Instead of running into Batman, he encounters the Batman Below. The Batman Below is a twisted Lovecraftian version of Batman, and it wanted its own Robin as well. To achieve this, it tries to twist Jeyvone’s hatred to turn him into a monster as well. But thanks to Bruce Wayne, the Batman Below’s plan ultimately fails, and Jeyvone is able to get counseling, not training.

All the Robin suits have reflected the individual’s personality and circumstances in some way. Tim Drake’s various versions of the classic Robin suit, for example, are always more practical in their designs than Dick Grayson’s original costume, which fit with Tim’s analytical mind. Jeyvone’s armored suit speaks to how he simply wants to be protected; he is a child who lost his father, his only parent, and willingly followed a monstrous version of Batman just to feel safe again.

Jeyvone Shouldn’t Be Robin — But His Outfit Is Great

Comic book panels: Batman unmasks in front of a young Black boy in a Robin costume.

Ultimately, Jeyvone cannot and should not be Robin, and it’s unlikely his design will be seen again. That said, it’s still a fascinating look at what Jeyvone could’ve been if things had turned out differently, and it’s always possible that he’ll make his way to the main DC Universe. Not every traumatized kid needs to be turned into a Robin, and Batman proves that he can save these kids without putting them in the line of fire. That’s why, as cool as Jeyvone’s Robin suit is, it’s a good thing that it’s unlikely readers will ever see it again.

Batman: City of Madness #3 is available now from DC Comics!


Batman City of Madness 3 Main Cover: Batman wearing his cowl with tentacles sprouting like a beard.

  • Writer: Christian Ward
  • Artist: Christian Ward
  • Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
  • Cover Artist: Christian Ward

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