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Rise Of The Beasts Means The Transformers Franchise Needs 1 Autobot Type Michael Bay Wasted


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  • Transformers: Rise of the Beasts introduces the Maximals, Autobots that transform into animals, but unfortunately kills off many main characters, leaving the franchise with few Maximals.
  • The movie’s ending leaves Transformers 8 in a difficult position, as it needs to continue the story without negating the events of Rise of the Beasts. Reintroducing the Dinobots could be the solution.
  • The Dinobots have been underutilized in previous movies, but Transformers 8 is the perfect opportunity to redeem them. Their unique personalities and ability to form a powerful group would make for an entertaining addition to the franchise.



Michael Bay may have wasted one type of Autobot, but Transformers: Rise of the Beasts proves the franchise needs to reintroduce them. The live-action Transformers film franchise has only gotten better with time, culminating in the entertaining and fast-paced seventh film Rise of the Beasts. Rather than continuing the story chronologically, this film goes back in time, well before the events of the first Transformers movie. The storyline centers on the Maximals, a type of Autobot that transforms into an animal instead of a vehicle.

However, the movie unfortunately wrote itself into a corner that will be difficult to overcome. By the end of Rise of the Beasts, there weren’t many Autobot characters left alive, but there are two more movies already confirmed and in development. Writers of Transformers 8 can go a different direction by bringing back a subsect of Autobots that the previous movies wasted – the Dinobots

Where to watch Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts Left The Franchise With Almost No Maximals

Many main characters died in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, proving nobody is safe in the new Rise of the Beast trilogy. Unlike previous directors, Steven Caple Jr. didn’t shy away from killing off beloved characters like Bumblebee. Additionally, he made the choice to take out Apelinq and most of the other Maximals. In fact, a line at the beginning of the film implies that only four more Maximals remain in the galaxy – a number cut down to three after Airazor’s death.

If this line is correct, Transformers: Rise of the Beast essentially killed off Maximal characters from the Beast Wars TV show off-screen. In this case, the franchise must find a way to continue the story without negating the events of Rise of the Beast. While it’s possible one or two other Maximals exist, they shouldn’t retcon this by including a ton of unknown Maximals. If they undid the deaths, it would minimize the overall impact. Luckily, the Dinobots are a mostly untapped resource that already has connections to the film franchise.



It’s Been Long Enough, Transformers 8 Needs To Assemble Optimus Prime’s Real Autobots Team

After several years without some of the franchise’s main Autobots, Transformers 8 is the perfect time to re-assemble Optimus Prime’s real team.

Transformers 8 Is The Perfect Place To Reintroduce The Dinobots After Bay’s Movies

Optimus Prime rides a T-rex Dinobot in Transformers 4.

Since there aren’t many Maximals left after Rise of the Beasts, it’s a mystery how the next movie will proceed. After all, the upcoming Transformers movies are labeled the Rise of the Beasts trilogy; thus, it wouldn’t make sense for them to focus on Autobots and Decepticons like the original films. The best choice is to shift directions to the Dinobots. They can fall into the category of beasts. Additionally, the character Dinobot – who is part of the Maximal or Predacon group, not the Dinobots – introduces newer live-action Transformers fans to the idea of the robot aliens turning into dinosaurs. This makes it the prime time to reintroduce the Dinobots.

Moreover, reintroducing the Dinobots in Transformers 8 will appease the long-time franchise fans who were disappointed by Michael Bay’s use of the Dinobots. Rather than treating them as conscious individual characters with unique personalities and thoughts, Bay’s movies treated them like underlings or trained animals. This was a great disservice, likely predicated by the fact that Michael Bay reportedly hated the Dinobots (via 2009 Empire Magazine interview). In reality, his resistance to the fan-favorite Transformers negatively impacted their introduction. The first Transformers movie should have introduced the Dinobots so they wouldn’t have seemed out of the blue later on.

Now that the franchise is getting a soft reboot with Rise of the Beasts, the Dinobots deserve a chance to shine. Their personalities set them apart from each other, and they bounce off each other perfectly. The group consists of five to ten different characters, making a big group that could fight in the film. Moreover, it would be entertaining and visually compelling to see the Dinobots come together to form either the Beast or Volcanicus, depending on which Transformers universe they use for source material.

The Dinobots only create the Beast in Transformers G-1, “The Beast Within.”

How The Dinobots Fit Into Transformers’ Beast Wars Storyline

This collage shows three baby Dinobots in Transformers 5.

Beast Wars was a reimagination of the Transformers that cut the Dinobots down to one eponymous character. However, this doesn’t mean the Dinobots can’t still fit into the storyline and lore. Based on the way that the Maximals came to be in the TV show – traveling through time and turning into the surrounding animals – it’s highly plausible that others crashed down near dinosaur fossils or even dinosaurs themselves, creating the Dinobots, even though this retcons the original creation story of the Dinobots. Additionally, if the live-action trilogy maintains the time travel element, more Maximals and Dinobots could come back in time to fuel the next two films.

Additionally, the Dinobots from the comics and Transformers: G1 have a well-established relationship with Optimus Prime that the Rise of the Beasts trilogy could replicate. They’re extremely rowdy and unruly, with only a couple being truly loyal to the Autobots. Most of them have a rocky relationship with the Autobot leader, meaning they’ll only listen to commands if they agree with the order.

Most importantly, if Transformers 8 and the Rise of the Beasts trilogy want to keep to the first canonical origin story of the Dinobots, Wheeljack and Ratchet appeared in the previous film. These two created the Dinobots in “S.O.S. Dinobots” and “War of the Dinobots.” Since multiple characters just died in Rise of the Beasts, they would theoretically have prime materials to work with when creating the creatures.

Transformers Rise of the Beasts Movie Poster

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is a sci-fi action movie set after the events of 2018’s Bumblebee as a series reboot of sorts and is heavily inspired by the Beast Wars series. The film follows two archaeologists who find themselves following the heroic Autobots as they come face to face with several other tribes of intergalactic transformers.

Release Date
June 9, 2023

Steven Caple Jr.


Joby Harold

$200 million

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

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