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Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know


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  • Prison Brides follows women who fell in love with American prisoners and marry them, facing judgment and uncertainty.
  • The show premiered on January 10, 2024, on Lifetime and can be streamed on the Lifetime app.
  • The season 1 cast features real-life couples with prisoners incarcerated for serious crimes, and the most of the women have never been to the United States.



The inaugural season of Prison Brides recently premiered on Lifetime, and it’s quite an interesting show. The series follows seven women from around the world as they journey to the United States to meet and marry the American federal prisoners they’ve fallen in love with. It joins Lifetime’s slate of unscripted television alongside another new series, I Wasn’t Expecting A Baby.

Prison Brides season 1’s couples have to navigate their relationships as well as the American justice system. The women all started as pen pals with these men, but they all eventually fell in love. Now, they face concern and harsh judgment from family and friends as they follow their hearts and marry these prison inmates. They have to grapple with uncertainty and are forced to risk it all to be with their true love. But with the odds stacked against them, will true love prevail?


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Prison Brides Season 1’s Release Date

Prison Brides

Prison Brides season 1 premiered on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, at 9.30 pm on Lifetime, the home of the long-running reality series Married At First Sight. Prison Brides can also be streamed on the Lifetime App. Lifetime is a basic cable channel, but viewers can watch the show even without traditional cable, as Lifetime can be streamed using platforms like Philo, DirecTV Stream, and Sling.

Prison Brides Season 1 Cast

Prison Brides cast

The real-life couples who appear in Prison Wives season 1 are Erin and Michael, Jessica and Craig, Emma and Curtis, Svea and Joseph, Olivia and KJ, Andrea and Cage, and Gabby and Jamal. The men are incarcerated for serious crimes ranging from carjacking to armed robbery to second-degree murder. Some of these prisoners have been in prison for most of their adult lives. Most of the women on the show have never even been to the United States.

Prison Brides Season 1 Trailer

The Prison Brides trailer opens with German woman Svea listening to her mother’s concerns about Svea traveling to the U.S. to meet her prisoner boyfriend. The clip cuts to an overhead view of the exterior of a large prison. It flashes through brief moments of each of the women getting ready for their flights, followed by brief glimpses of the upcoming drama. The trailer ends with Michael, one of the prisoners, being released from prison and entering his new life under a voice-over that proclaims “I’m just waiting for something to go wrong.”

Prison Brides airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

Source: Prison Brides/YouTube

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