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Reacher Season 2’s Biggest Death Proves Amazon’s Teased Spinoff Would Be Perfect


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Warning! Spoilers ahead for Reacher season 2, episode 6.




  • Alan Ritchson effectively brings the protagonist from Lee Child’s books to life in Reacher season 2, making a spinoff series a great possibility.
  • Neagley’s emotional depth is showcased in her reaction to Russo’s death, highlighting her potential for her own story as a private investigator.
  • Neagley is the perfect candidate for a Reacher spinoff due to her established character and her capability as a private investigator.

Reacher season 2’s biggest death further argues that the proposed Amazon spinoff could actually work great. Alan Ritchson brings to life the protagonist from Lee Child’s famed books rather effectively. Aside from being more physically similar to the original iteration of the character as described in print, he has also nailed his mannerisms and overall vibe. That being said, a big part of the success of Reacher comes from the people he surrounds himself with. In Reacher season 1, he was with the people of Margrave, while season 2 introduced the 110th Special Investigations Unit.

Unlike the case in Margrave, Reacher season 2’s mission is immediately personal for Jack. However, it also is for Frances Neagley — his private investigator friend who was vital in taking the Kliners down. The pair’s history runs deep, however. Neagley is actually the very first member of Jack’s 110th Special Investigations Unit to be introduced in Reacher. Despite not being involved in Killing Floor — the book that season was based on, the Amazon Prime Video original series opted to introduce her early on as a set-up for a bigger role in its sophomore year. Beyond that, however, Neagley may also be poised for her own series.


Finlay’s Best Insult In Reacher Season 2 Is Secretly An Emotional S1 Callback

Oscar Finlay delivers a great insult in his Reacher season 2, episode 4 cameo, which is actually an emotional callback to his arc in season 1.

Neagley’s Reaction To Russo’s Death Showed Her Emotional Depth

Maria Sten's Neagley holds Russo's hand in Reacher episode 6's finale

In Reacher season 2, episode 6, “New York’s Finest,” Jack and his team get closer to the truth about New Age and Little Wing thanks to Marlo Burns’ confession. Agreeing to work with them, the good guys recruit Guy Russo to look after her daughter while they confront Shane Langston. Unfortunately, this backfires, ending with Russo dying to save the young Burns. Just before he takes his final breath, he reaches out his bloodied hands to Neagley who holds it, albeit being initially hesitant. Russo’s demise marks the biggest death in Reacher season 2 outside of the Special Investigators thus far, but it’s also a pivotal moment for Neagley.

As established in Child’s books, Neagley has haphephobia, which is described as the fear of being touched or touching others. Despite this, Neagley understands the importance of taking Russo’s hand at the end of his life, especially considering that he gets killed partly because he is helping the Special Investigators. It shows her emotional depth — something that is rarely on display given her characterization in Child’s books that is adapted into the Reacher Amazon Prime Video series.

Why Neagley Is The Best Candidate For A Reacher Spinoff

Maria Sten as Frances Neagley in Reacher

Richtson is expected to continue playing the role of Jack moving forward, with Reacher season 3 already in production. That being said, Amazon can further take advantage of the show’s popularity by expanding it with a spinoff, and Neagley is the perfect candidate to lead that. Aside from being an established character herself, her reaction to Russo’s death opens up a wealth of possibilities for her own story as a private investigator. She’s capable and interesting, but she isn’t as extreme as Jack when isolating herself. Reacher already teased how great she is with her job, it’s time to actually see how she does it.

Reacher season 2 drops new episodes every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

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