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Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott Reveals He’s Been On TV 14 Years And Still Gets The Same Question All The Time

by Xtreme HD IPTV

Drew and Jonathan Scott, of Property Brothers fame, have done quite well for themselves during the past decade plus. Not only have they been bonafide HGTV stars with a number of spinoff shows like Celebrity IOU (which makes celebs cry all the time) and Brother vs. Brother, but they also have successful home decor/design lines and are famous enough to do things like guest star on Girls5eva (despite being “bad” on camera when they began their own show). But, Jonathan just revealed that after 14 years on TV, he still gets the same question all the time.

What Question Does Jonathan Scott Still Get After 14 Years Of Property Brothers?

OK, the answer to this one is sorta easy. The Scott brothers, after all, are twins and have probably spent their entire lives setting people straight about which is which. While their mom said she can tell them apart because Jonathan uses “bigger words,” apparently it’s not just being able to tell the brothers apart that gets to some folks, but also remembering their names:

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