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Poker Face Season 2 Excitedly Hyped By Natasha Lyonne: “It’s All Happening”


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  • Natasha Lyonne is excited about the new season of Poker Face and describes the episodes as “popping.”
  • The second season could feature even bigger names and attract talented actors due to the show’s gained acclaim.
  • The new season will likely include more murders and intriguing mysteries, with Charlie taking on cases to escape a dangerous threat.



Natasha Lyonne gives an exciting update about the highly anticipated second season of Poker Face. The series, created by Knives Out and Glass Onion director Rian Johnson, follows Charlie Cale as she travels across America in her Plymouth Barracuda to stay off the radar of her former employer. While traveling, Charlie uses her uncanny ability to spot lies and solve puzzles to solve mysteries and help out a unique cast of characters she meets in every city she stops in.

In an interview with Screen Rant for The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy, Lyonne also spoke about Poker Face. She revealed that they are back in the writers’ room now and hyped up the new season. Lyonne praised Johnson, saying, “The episodes are popping.” Check out Lyonne’s full quote below:

Natasha Lyonne: Well, we’re back in the writer’s room now. It’s all happening. It’s pretty exciting. And yeah, the episodes are popping. It’s almost as if they’ve been percolating in Rian Johnson’s amniotic center for as long as, I guess that’s what is that, 9 to 24 months. So it’s really been coming alive in a very exciting way.

Poker Face Season 2 Has To Level Up Both Cases And Guest Stars

The first season of Poker Face captivated audiences with a new star-studded cast in every episode and a Columbo-style investigation for Charlie to piece together. Every episode featured a different style of mystery with twists and turns that neither the audience nor Charlie could have expected. The second season could bring in even bigger names, with Johnson having shared his desire to bring in Knives Out star Jamie Lee Curtis.


Poker Face Season 2: Confirmation, Story Details & Everything We Know

With Natasha Lyonne and Rian Johnson set to return for Poker Face season 2, here’s a look at everything to know about the show’s return to Peacock.

While Poker Face had an impressive roster of guest stars, season two will be able to amp it up even further with the acclaim it has gained. Lyonne and Johnson have worked with several powerhouse stars, with Johnson making a name for himself in the mystery genre. They’ll likely be able to attract countless talented actors to take on exciting roles that are outside their usual wheelhouse.

Perhaps the most enticing element of the new season will be the cases. The new season of Poker Face will likely include many more murders, but there could be even more exciting possibilities as Charlie takes on new mysteries to escape an even more dangerous threat. Charlie is once again on the run, but this time she is hiding from someone who sees her only as an asset or liability, which means the cases she takes could be completely separate from the overarching story or, in some cases, connected. Charlie may even help out her friend at the FBI in an attempt to find a way out of danger in the second season of Poker Face.

Poker Face TV Poster

Poker Face

Poker Face is a comedy-drama mystery series from writer/creator Rian Johnson (Knives Out) starring Natasha Lyonne as Charlie, a woman with the uncanny ability to tell if someone is lying easily. A drifter who lives life in the wind, Charlie Cale (Lyonne) rides through the U.S. and happens into strange cases, from theft to murder, that she wants to solve at every stop she makes. The show is designed as a crime-of-the-week drama with special guests appearing throughout the season.

Release Date
January 26, 2023

Natasha Lyonne , Adrien Brody , Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Stephanie Hsu , David Castaneda , Benjamin Bratt


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