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Percy Jackson’s Leah Jeffries Is So Excited For Season 2, She Already Got Busted By Her Teacher For Reading Rick Riordan’s Books During Class


by Xtreme HD IPTV

Well, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians finale is here and I don’t know about you, but I’m already missing Percy, Annabeth and Grover going on quests together. As fans of the Rick Riordan book series know, there are many more adventures for the trio to go on, we’re just waiting on Disney to hit the greenlight on a Season 2. Prior to the series premiere, the actress behind Annabeth, Leah Jeffries, shared with us that she was already reading ahead in her spare time… even in class. 

When CinemaBlend sat down with the leading trio of the Percy Jackson cast back in December, I asked them how Rick Riordan’s books are playing a part in their preparation for the TV show and whether they’ve been reading ahead at all. Here’s what Jeffries said (also in the video above): 

I just went to Barnes & Noble not that long ago to get a new book of the Percy Jackson books. I got the comic book version this time. They look so cool too. It’s amazing. I’ve been reading them. I actually brought them with me, and I was reading them in school and everything. Like my teacher was even like ‘This is not the book we’re reading in this class, put that down.’ But, I am kind of trying to read ahead, but stay in the same [place] at the same time. So like right now I started back on the Sea Of Monsters and I have the Titan’s Curse, so I’m gonna do those. I’m just redoing everything though, but with the pictures there that way I can at least have the imagery of what’s to come.

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