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‘People Found It A Little Too Much’: Poor Things’ Director Had To Fight For Emma Stone’s Unabashed Sex Scenes, And I’m Happy He Did


by Xtreme HD IPTV

It’s pretty incredible that Yorgos Lanthimos’ Poor Things exists. It’s a bold take on the classic story of Frankenstein with the twist of Emma Stone’s Bella Baxter being a full-grown woman who gets a baby brain placed into her body and discovers the pleasures and pitfalls of the world without the weight of society to bring her any shame about how she decides to live. The movie is ridden with sex scenes, which, as director Yorgos Lanthimos recently explained, was not an easy sell for movie producers. 

If you’ve seen Poor Things, which has earned Emma Stone rave reviews from critics and on CinemaBlend’s best movies of 2023 list, it’s not hard to imagine the science fiction black comedy being a hard sell. But, here’s what Yorgos Lanthimos recently said on the subject: 

I explored options with other producers, but it didn’t go anywhere. A story about a woman’s freedom in all aspects of society, humanity, or however you want to put it, wasn’t something that interested people a lot.

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