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Night Country’s Supernatural Theories Get A Major Boost From This 65-Year-Old Mystery Case


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  • True Detective: Night Country draws inspiration from the real-life Dyatlov Pass incident, a mysterious case of hikers found frozen in the snow.
  • Both the show and the Dyatlov Pass incident share unsettling details, such as victims leaving their shelter and the discovery of severed tongues.
  • The connection to the real-life unsolved mystery suggests that supernatural explanations in True Detective: Night Country may be possible.



Warning: Contains SPOILERS for True Detective: Night CountryThanks to its terrifying and bizarre central mystery, True Detective: Night Country has already spawned several supernatural theories, but these are actually strengthened by the show’s shocking true story inspiration. Much like the anthology’s first season, True Detective season 4 blends believable characters with horrific and occasionally fantastical events. And, just as Rust Cohle and Marty Hart’s hunt for the Yellow King mixed reality with the occult, so too does Night Country‘s riddle in the ice.

Starring Jodie Foster as Chief Liz Danvers, True Detective season 4 is set in the Alaskan wilderness. The story follows two strange cases – one concerning the unsolved murder of a woman known as Annie K, and the other revolving around a group of scientists who vanish from their research station, only to be found frozen in a giant block of ice. Both storylines are harrowing and disturbing. However, it is the case of the scientists that appears to be the most shocking – partly because of its basis in one of the most baffling and notorious incidents of all time. This true story is so strange that (just like True Detective: Night Country) it has led many observers to suggest supernatural involvement.


Every Song In True Detective: Night Country & When They Play

True Detective: Night Country’s soundtrack has several atmospheric songs that effectively channel the brooding and mysterious ambiance of the show.

How True Detective: Night Country Is Connected To Dyatlov Pass

The truly terrifying thing about True Detective: Night Country‘s scientist mystery is how closely it resembles the real Dyatlov Pass incident of 1959. The Dyatlov Pass case concerned a group of hikers who were found frozen in the snow in alarming circumstances. Considering how closely this parallels the events of True Detective season 4, it’s clear that the real-life story certainly provided some inspiration for the show.

Just as with Dyatlov Pass, True Detective: Night Country focuses on the mystery of how the victims became frozen out on the ice. In both cases, authorities were stumped as to why the groups left their shelter to head out into the freezing night. Another disturbing connection is the severed tongue found at the True Detective crime scene, since one of the Dyatlov party’s missing tongue was a cornerstone of that mystery as well. From the seemingly inexplicable discovery of frozen bodies to the circumstances of their disappearance, the fictional True Detective story and the real Dyatlov Pass incident share many unsettling details.

What Happened At Dyatlov Pass? True Story Explained

Josh Gates and team in the snow at Dyatlov Pass in Expedition Unknown

Although the Dyatlov Pass case shares several similarities with True Detective: Night Country, the real story has some crucial points of difference. In February 1959, a group of Soviet hikers vanished during an expedition across the Ural Mountains in bitter winter conditions. Nearly a month later, a rescue party unearthed their campsite and were confounded by what they saw. Their tent appeared to have been ripped open from the inside out, with all the party’s belongings remaining inside. Nine sets of tracks, some of which were made with either socks or bare feet, led away in different directions, clearly visible in the snow.


What Happened To Annie In True Detective: Night Country?

Although True Detective season 4’s episode 1 does not reveal everything about Annie’s mysterious death, it hints at what might have happened to her.

Around 1.5 kilometers away, the search team found the first of the bodies. To make things even more mysterious, the bodies were shoeless and undressed, save for their underwear. More victims were soon discovered, in even stranger circumstances. Several had suffered soft tissue damage, with one woman missing her tongue, and another man missing both his eyeballs. Some of the victims had suffered horrific internal injuries, as though they had been crushed. While several explanations, including military testing, an avalanche, and even a Yeti attack have been suggested, the true cause remains unknown. As a result, many have theorized that Dyatlov Pass was the result of supernatural activity.

Dyatlov Pass Could Mean True Detective: Night Country’s Supernatural Theories Are Actually Right

Kali Reis as Det. Evangeline Navarro and Jodi Foster as Det. Liz Danvers in True Detective season 4

The premise of unexplained deaths occurring in a remote icy wilderness clearly shows that True Detective: Night Country is at least partially inspired by the Dyatlov Pass mystery. This connection, coupled with the original case’s unsolved status, means that the series may well indulge similar supernatural explanations. Already, the recurrence of symbols like the mysterious True Detective spiral hints at a repeat of season 1’s occult-centric story. It therefore follows that Night Country may also remain agnostic as to whether the suggested paranormal activity shown in early episodes is actually real.

The chilling refrain of “she’s awake,” the ghostly appearance of Rose Aguineau’s dead partner, and the central question of exactly how the scientists ended up on the ice in the first place all suggest that True Detective: Night Country is putting a fantastical twist on the murder mystery genre. What any of these incidents truly mean is, at least in the show’s early episodes, unclear. However, the fact that it is so clearly inspired by an event that has also defied explanation only strengthens the idea that supernatural involvement is at least a possibility.

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