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Nicolas Cage Reveals Why He “Leans Towards” Star Trek Over Star Wars


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Exclusive: Nicolas Cage prefers Star Trek to Star Wars, and the Oscar winner explains why he likes the final frontier over the galaxy far, far away.

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  • Nicolas Cage grew up watching Star Trek in the 1970s and found wisdom in the early television shows.
  • He prefers Star Trek over Star Wars because of the spiritual experience it provides and the wisdom it offers.
  • Cage’s preference for Star Trek sparked speculation about whether he would appear in the next Star Trek movie.



Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage explains why he prefers Star Trek to Star Wars. Cage is part of the generation that grew up watching Star Trek: The Original Series in syndication in the 1970s. By 1977, the blockbuster success of Star Wars led Paramount Studios to turn its planned sequel series, Star Trek: Phase II, into a full-blown movie adventure, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Star Trek and Star Wars have both become pop culture cornerstones, with multiple movies and TV series spanning generations of stories and iconic characters.

Screen Rant spoke to Nicolas Cage at the 51st annual Saturn Awards, where he won the Best Supporting Actor in a Film trophy for his role as Dracula in Renfield. A year ago, Cage said he’d rather be in Star Trek than Star Wars, and his remarks sparked speculation about whether Cage would appear in the next Star Trek movie. When asked about his preference for Star Trek over Star Wars, the Oscar winner had this to say:

I created a divide [between Star Wars and Star Trek] that didn’t really exist! There are people that are devout followers of both; it’s a spiritual experience. I grew up watching Trek, and I found a lot of wisdom in those early television shows. That’s why I lean towards that.


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Star Trek: Prodigy is streaming on Netflix.

Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation movies are streaming on Max.

J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movies are streaming on Paramount+,

Source: Screen Rant Plus

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