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Love Is Blind Season 6 Love Triangles & Quadrangles Explained


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  • Love Is Blind season 6 features love triangles and quadrangles, adding drama and complexity to the show’s dynamics.
  • Season 5 of Love Is Blind saw the least amount of couples making it down the aisle, raising the stakes for season 6.
  • The show’s airing schedule is divided into different drops, with the finale airing on March 6, 2024.



The pods are open in Love Is Blind season 6, and love triangles and quadrangles have been formed. 30 cast members, 15 men, and 15 women embarked on the journey to find love sight unseen, with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey leading the show. Love Is Blind is one of Netflix’s top reality shows, and this season is highly anticipated after a lackluster season 5. In Love Is Blind season 6, episodes 1-6 will drop on February 14, episodes 7-9 drop on February 21, episodes 10-11 air on February 28, and episode 12 (the finale) will air on March 6, 2024.

Love Is Blind season 5 only saw two couples make it down the aisle, the least amount of couples in the show’s history. Moreover, cast member Lydia Velez Gonzalez knew another participant, Uche Okoroha, before coming to the pods since they dated before. One narrative pushed was that Lydia was not over Uche and joined the show after finding out he was going to be on it. Even if that’s not true, their dynamic took away from the authenticity of the experience since most of the drama of the season revolved around their previous connection. In any case, Love Is Blind season 6 is proving to have more matches than season 5.


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Matthew, Amber, AD, & Clay Were In A Love Quadrangle

One of two love quadrangles in Love Is Blind season 6 is between Matthew, 37, Amber, 31, AD, 33, and Clay, 31. AD formed a connection with Matthew and Clay, while Matthew formed a connection with Amber and AD. Matthew and Amber’s pod conversations and romance were never shown, even though Matthew decided to leave the experience to pursue Amber. Matthew found himself in hot water after he was caught telling Amber and AD the same things about asking their fathers’ permission and leaving the show together.

Amber left the experiment upon finding out Matthew seemed to be giving her and AD the same lip service. Meanwhile, AD unloaded the Matthew situation onto Clay before Matthew decided to leave, and Clay was taken aback and angered by AD’s connection with Matthew because he thought Matthew was weird and that AD would regret it if she chose him. After Matthew and Amber’s departures, Clay proposed to AD, and she accepted.

Jeramey, Laura, & Sarah Ann Were In A Love Triangle

Love Is Blind season 6 (via Netflix) also featured a love triangle between Jeramey, 32, Laura, 34, and Sarah Anne 30. Jeramey and Laura formed a deep connection based on their shared views of the future and their family lives. They laughed a lot together, and Jeramey liked that Laura had a strong personality that would challenge him. With Sarah Ann, Jeramey had a more carefree relationship, and the pair talked about their sexual chemistry. In the end, Jeramey thought Laura was more compatible, and Sarah Ann took the news better than Jeramey expected.

Chelsea, Trevor, Jimmy & Jessica Were In A Love Quadrangle

Chelsea, 31, Trevor, 31, Jimmy, 28, and Jessica, 29 are another foursome in a quadrangle. Chelsea attracted the attention of Trevor, who only had eyes and a heart for her. Meanwhile, Chelsea also had a strong bond with Jimmy, who was also seriously dating Jessica in the pods. Chelsea and Jessica knew about their mutual connections with Jimmy, with Jessica declaring Jimmy her “person” before he ultimately dumped her for Chelsea. After Jessica left Love Is Blind season 6, Jimmy professed his love for Chelsea, who ended up choosing him over Trevor.

Love is Blind

season 6 episodes 7-9 will air Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

Source: Netflix/YouTube

Love is Blind Season 4 Poster

Love Is Blind

Fifteen men and women from the same city come together to compete in Love is Blind, a reality dating show created for Netflix. The show sees couples meet and fall in love with a twist – they’ll only meet face to face if one of the two accepts a marriage proposal. If they accept, they’ll move in with their partner, meet their families, and ultimately decide if they want to say “I do.”

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