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Lobo and Wolverine Hybrid Cosplay Turns Them Into Comic’s Deadliest Hero

by Xtreme HD IPTV


  • Loborine is a deadly new anti-hero created through a cosplay merging of Wolverine and Lobo.
  • The character’s design perfectly captures the essence of both Wolverine and Lobo.
  • This cosplay creation is a nod to the Amalgam Comics universe and could inspire new hybrid heroes.



Wolverine and Lobo are two iconic characters who are far more deadly when doing what they do best compared to the majority of their peers, with their penchant for stabbing or shooting first and asking questions later being a big part of their shtick. And now, in an inspired cosplay design, Marvel’s Weapon X and DC’s Main Man merge, creating a new hero never seen before in either comic book universe!

In a series of images recently shared on Instagram by username @batsturd, this talented creator proves their worth as an integral part of the cosplay community, with each new post showing off their impressive creative prowess.

Dressing more recently as Watchmen’s The Comedian, base versions of both Lobo and Wolverine, and even Judge Dredd from 2000 A.D. fame, @batsturd also excels when bringing two different characters together as one, specifically with their Batman crossover cosplays featuring The Dark Knight merging with the likes of Carnage, Punisher, Lobo, and Spawn.


Move Over, Karl Urban – Judge Dredd Cosplay Celebrates His FULL Comic-Accurate Uniform

Judge Dredd is a badass character who doesn’t take guff from anyone, with new cosplay images bringing his comic-accurate costume into the real world.

Marvel’s Wolverine And DC’s Lobo Become “Loborine” In Epic Cosplay Redesign

Cosplay Design By @batsturd

A new character exclusive to the cosplay space, this aptly named “Loborine” is the perfect homage to Marvel and DC Comics’ jointly-shared universeknown as Amalgam Comics, a comic universe where their heroes and villains merged to form incredibly badass one-off characters like Wolverine and Batman’s Dark Claw and Lobo and Howard the Duck’s Lobo the Duck amalgamations. More anti-heroic and brutal in their tactics rather than shining examples of heroism, a la Captain America or Superman, Wolverine and Lobo more or less have the same work ethic, making this cosplay combination a no-brainer for @batsturd to create.

Wowing fans right off the bat with a striking image of Loborine in a feral state, @batsturd’s design perfectly captures this hybrid character’s deadly nature by mixing Lobo’s overall likeness, biker jacket, and signature chain hook with Wolverine’s “Frag”-tagged cowl, yellow and blue X-Men costume, and sharpened adamantium claws. Getting a better look at @batsturd’s outfit in the next two posts, it’s here where this cosplay’s unique redesign can be fully appreciated, with @batsturd’s final post looking like a teaser poster for a Marvel x DC live-action film premiering somewhere in the multiverse on an Earth that’s unfortunately not our own.

Wolverine x Lobo Cosplay Creates A Dangerous And Deadly New Hero

It’s always a topic of nerd debate about whether or not Marvel and DC’s joint universe will ever see the light of day again, with this unique Wolverine x Lobo mash-up being the best excuse yet for the companies to introduce a new wave of hybrid heroes for fans to enjoy. Regardless of the slim odds of seeing Wolverine and Lobo becoming one in comics, the cosplay community always provides, so hopefully, @batsturd has a few more crossover characters in mind for future costume designs!

Source: @batsturd

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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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