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Latest News, Cast, Trailer, & Everything We Know

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  • Seeking Sister Wife season 5 returns with familiar polygamous families and new couples exploring unconventional love dynamics.
  • The trailer reveals the Merrifields’ pursuit of a new sister wife, highlighting challenges and emotions faced in the polygamous lifestyle.
  • Jealousy, heartbreak, and new connections are on the horizon as the new season delves into the complexities of plural marriages.



The unscripted TLC series Seeking Sister Wife is back for its fifth season in March and recently released a trailer for the upcoming season. The popular show documents the lives of polygamous families who are searching for a new wife to add to their plural marriages. Cameras follow the families as they meet, date, and court a potential new addition to their clan.

Seeking Sister Wife season 5 brings back several plural families from past seasons and introduces several new families hoping to find a new sister wife. The upcoming season delves into the complexities of their relationship as jealousy becomes a formidable force in their dating lives. Read on for news, cast information, the trailer, and everything we know about Seeking Sister Wife season 5.


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Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Latest News

garrick danielle roberta seeking sister wife merrifields posing for promo pic

Seeking Sister Wife season 4 ended with the union of the Davis family with their new wife, Danielle. Despite her initial unfamiliarity with polygamy, she seamlessly integrated into the family, making her a perfect addition. Regrettably, Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield experienced heartbreak when their courtship with Roberta from Brazil took a devastating turn. Despite the couple’s investment in the relationship, including moving to a larger home, Roberta ultimately abandoned them after utilizing their resources and stringing them along. Now, the Merrifields have embarked on a new journey with Nathalia, hoping to rediscover love once more.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Cast

The Davis and Merrifield families are the families returning for Seeking Sister Wife season 5. One of the new couples is Becky and Justin Ryan, a couple married for almost thirty years, who have decided to enter into a polyamorous lifestyle. While their current girlfriend is hesitant to fully commit, they explore a connection with another woman who shares a strong bond with Justin. Another new couple this season, Shane and Ashley Salahuddin, who are anticipating the arrival of a baby, have discovered a promising sister wife. Yet, uncertainties linger as it appears she may only have eyes for Ashley.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Trailer

TLC released the highly anticipated Seeking Sister Wife season 5 trailer on Instagram, and it showcases the Merrifields in their quest to find another sister wife. The couple discuss their perspectives on polygamy, with Garrick emphasizing that some individuals embrace this lifestyle for the wrong reasons, such as seeking unrestrained sexual freedom, which he deems as “wrong and evil.” However, it becomes apparent that Garrick’s own motivations have become somewhat blurred in the aftermath of betrayal.

Seeking Sister Wife

season 5 premieres on March 4th on TLC.

Source: TLC/Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife

Release Date
January 14, 2018

Dimitri Snowden , Ashley Snowden , Jeff Alldredge , Vanessa Alldredge , Sharis Alldredge , Colton Winder , Tami Winder , Sophie Winder , Garrick Merrifield , Dannielle Merrifield



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