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Katie Flood & Luka Brunton’s Relationship (How Do They Know Each Other?)


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  • Luka and Katie have a friendly relationship and not a romantic one, despite their history and text exchanges.
  • There is no evidence to suggest that Luka and Katie ever hooked up, although Luka’s coy response leaves room for speculation.
  • It is unlikely that Katie will appear on Below Deck Med Season 8, but there is speculation that she may return in a future season.



Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Luka Brunton revealed he knows Katie Flood from season 6, but what is the nature of their relationship? Katie was introduced during Below Deck Med season 6 as the new chief stew following Hannah Ferrier’s firing the season prior. Katie didn’t return for the following season but did make an appearance on TV again for Winter House season 3. Luka, for his part, appeared on Below Deck Down Under season 2 for a short time and was later added to the Below Deck Med season 8 cast. However, Luka and Katie have never worked on a Below Deck season together.

Katie’s name came up in Below Deck Med season 8, episode 14 after Luka received a text from her. Since Luka is aware Captain Sandy Yawn knows Katie, he brought it up that the two have been texting, and she mentioned she was in Italy, where their season is being filmed. Captain Sandy got the impression that Luka was smitten by Katie, having no idea that Luka was in a boatmance with Jessika Asai. Luka knew he was in trouble with Jessika after what Sandy had said, but he knew his and Katie’s relationship wasn’t what everyone believed it to be.


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Katie Dated One Of Luka’s Friends

Below Deck Down Under- Luka Brunton

During Monday night’s new Below Deck Med season 8 episode, Luka dropped a bomb that he was friends with Katie, who once appeared on the show as a chief stew. He told Sandy while the two were in the crew mess together right as Katie was texting him. However, Luka revealed that Katie wasn’t someone he had a romantic past with but rather a friendly one. Luka confirmed on the show that Katie once dated one of his friends. This isn’t too surprising, seeing as not only are Luka and Katie both from New Zealand, but they both work in the yachting industry.

I’ve known Katie for like four years. She used to date one of my friends and I know that she’s worked with Sandy in the past,” Luka said during the Below Deck Med season 8 episode. “My history [with her]? We don’t really have any history. We’ve hung out a few times. What are you trying to get at?” Luka didn’t mention who the friend was or how long Katie and his friend dated. It’s possible Luka could be talking about Jack Stirrup, who dated Katie around four years ago. Jack did work as a deckhand during Below Deck Med season 4, so it’s possible Jack met Luka through yachting.

Luka Claims He & Katie Never Hooked Up

As soon as Luka was questioned about his relationship with Katie, he immediately confirmed that he and Katie were never romantic. However, Luka was coy about it, so it’s possible something may have happened between them, and Luka is trying to cover it up. Nonetheless, it does seem like Luka is telling the truth. While Luka is a bit of a player, he doesn’t seem like the type of guy to hook up with his friend’s ex-girlfriend. If anything, it was more likely that Katie and Luka were trying to stir the pot to make the season look more exciting.

Luka can’t add another girl to his roaster on Below Deck Med. Not only is he currently hooking up with Jessika, but he’s still texting Natalya Scudder, who left Below Deck Med season 8. Luka and Natalya had a complicated relationship on board due to her open relationship with her boyfriend, so Luka quickly moved on from her to Jessika. Hopefully, Katie isn’t added to Luka’s already messy love life.

Will Katie Pop Up On Below Deck Med Season 8?

Katie Flood Winter House

It’s very unlikely that Katie will pop up on Below Deck Med season 8. The main reason why Katie likely won’t show up is she never appeared in any of the trailers for the season. Usually, Bravo would include snippets of her presence in the trailers to attract viewership. However, Katie was only mentioned in the mid-season trailer; she was never actually shown. Katie and Luka’s friendship was likely used as a way to get fans talking about the season, especially since she was quite popular in Winter House season 3.

Anyway, with Luka’s track record as a player, it only made sense to create some sort of drama, seeing as he knew Katie. Also, this could be a setup for Katie’s possible return to Below Deck Med season 9. There has been speculation, so it is possible she could return; maybe even with Luka as bosun.

How Luka & Katie’s Relationship Will Affect Jessika

Montage of Luka and Jessika from Below Deck Med season 8, with crashing waves

When Jessika first found out through Captain Sandy that Luka had a “girlfriend,” she stopped talking to Luka for a whole day. Luka knew immediately that he was in trouble even though he and Katie were nothing more than friends. He finally got the chance to explain himself and told Jessika that Sandy merely misunderstood. Even Sandy apologized to Luka, as she didn’t realize he and Jessika had something going on.

Once Jessika realized it was all a misunderstanding, she and Luka went back to their normal casual relationship. However, while Katie won’t affect Luka and Jessika’s relationship, Natalya might. She and Luka have been texting since she left, and their texts haven’t been as platonic as his ones with Katie are. It’s Natalya that Jessika should be worried about, not Katie.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Below Deck Poster

Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Mediterranean is a Bravo reality television series that follows a crew that works aboard a gigantic superyacht during the busy season. The show highlights the challenges of the crew as they serve their high-end clientele. Each season tackles new locations, such as Greece, Croatia, Italy, and France, with some repeating.

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