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Karl Urban Shares Mortal Kombat 2 Wrap Photo


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  • Mortal Kombat 2 has officially wrapped up filming, exciting fans who are eagerly awaiting the action-packed sequel.
  • The sequel aims to build on the success of the 2021 reboot, delivering high-octane action and exploring deeper into the lore of the Mortal Kombat saga.
  • Although the release date is yet to be announced, there are high expectations for Mortal Kombat 2 to meet the promises made by the film’s producer during production.

The excitement surrounding the Mortal Kombat franchise has continued to grow with several recent teases by the movie’s producer, Todd Garner. Now fans have been given another update on the action sequel, as it has been confirmed that Mortal Kombat 2 has officially wrapped up filming, with Karl Urban celebrating the end of his shoot.

The sequel to the 2021 reboot of the iconic video game adaptation is eagerly awaited by fans, and even though the reboot did not become the huge blockbuster some hoped for, it did enough to get a second bout. Helmed again by director Simon McQuoid, who returns for this latest chapter, the film promises to deliver more of the high-octane action and brutal combat scenes that fans have come to expect.

Urban, who stars in the sequel as Johnny Cage, took to his Instagram account to share an image of himself next to his nameplate after completing his work on the movie. He wrote:

That’s a picture wrap for me & Johnny Cage on Mortal Kombat 2! Massive thanks to our incredible crew, cast and phenomenal stunt team. Hands down the most action-packed fun I’ve ever had on a film! Can’t wait for y’all to see it. Special thanks to everyone offset who helped make this time here on the Gold Coast Australia such a pleasure.

Max Huang, reprising his role as Kung Lao, previously shared celebratory images on his own Instagram account. The cast of the sequel has added a number of newcomers to returnees, expanding the list of fan-favorite characters joining the fray this time around. The cast includes Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee, and Mehcad Brooks, along with Karl Urban as Johnny Cage and Tati Gabrielle as Jade. Check out Huang’s post below.

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Mortal Kombat 2’s Plot Remains Under Wraps

The main cast of Mortal Kombat strike a pose.
Warner Bros.

Mortal Kombat 2 aims to build on the foundation laid by its predecessor, which reintroduced the franchise to a new generation. The 2021 film received very similar critical reviews to the 1995 movie starring Christopher Lambert, but gained a much more positive response from audiences, who praised the movie for being faithful to the lore of the game series, and for delivering some very R-rated fatalities unlike the PG-13 ‘90s version.

The sequel’s plot remains shrouded in mystery, but hints and teasers suggest a focus on the iconic tournament that lies at the heart of the Mortal Kombat saga. The inclusion of Johnny Cage, a character known for his charisma and martial prowess, along with the return of key figures like Scorpion and Sub-Zero, points to a storyline that will delve deeper into the lore, exploring themes of honor, power, and redemption.

The sequel’s cast and crew have hinted at a film that not only honors the legacy of Mortal Kombat but also sets new benchmarks for video game adaptations. Whether this turns out to be true is something that we are now closer to finding out.

Filming was temporarily delayed due to the Hollywood strikes in 2023, but resumed towards the end of the year, aiming for a potential release in early 2025. With principal photography now in the can, it seems like there is little reason why the movie will not be able to hit this release window, but as of now, the film does not have a set release date in place. With video game adaptations once again on a high, there is a lot of expectation for Mortal Kombat 2 to deliver everything that has been promised by Garner during the production of the film.


Mortal Kombat 2021

Release Date
April 23, 2021

1hr 50min


New Line Cinema, Atomic Monster, Broken Road Productions

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